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Which Is Your Strongest Body Strength? Check It Now

  • June 24, 2022
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Sometimes people look skinny but they are too strong from the inside, and some may look healthy but are not so fit. Your physical presence can not be the only factor to judge your body strength. Perhaps it is the reason why most people struggle in the gym. They do not work to improve their body strength. Rather, they work to have a better physical appearance. 

Indeed working on physical appearance is a mandate too. However, if people give priority to their body strength they can achieve both the goals(body strength + physical appearance) more efficiently. It is all about how you work for your body.

Types Of Body Strengths

There are seven types of body strength, check which one matches yours and see how you can improve your body strength.

1. Strength Endurance

In this type, we describe the body’s capability to maintain output for a given amount of time. Strength endurance is highly influenced by the body’s aerobic efficiency. A person should be able to supply the working muscles with enough oxygen and nutrients while removing metabolic waste efficiently. 

To assess your strength endurance, check how many reps you can do of a particular exercise at a moderate level until you fail. You can improve your strength endurance by involving more compound movements in your workouts while putting more emphasis on the number of reps than weight. 

By improving your strength endurance, you can maintain good posture for a longer and higher aerobic capacity. 

2. Explosive Strength

This type of strength is to analyze your body’s capability to see how quickly it can produce the maximum amount of force. In the gym workout, you increase your pace slowly by increasing weight or number of reps. Here you check your strength at the moment. For instance, a haymaker punch. 

The best thing is you improve your reaction time while boosting your explosive strength. Also, it can benefit your muscle resilience and connective tissues. 

You can practice Plyometrics and Slam ball exercises to refine your explosive strength. 

Explosive Strength

3. Agile Strength

Your agile strength refers to the ability to control/carry and move an object. It majorly affects your ability to move weight whilst also negotiating the force of gravity. For instance, loading onto a lorry. 

Agile strength can be improved by doing free weight exercises instead of machines. You can lift dumbbells, kettlebells, and slam balls. Also, combine all these exercises to make one rep. Soon you will notice that your daily tasks become easier and your sports performance improves too. 

4. Maximum Strength

Maximum strength measurement can be done by checking the ability to produce the maximum amount of force with each movement. Most of the average bodybuilders have mastered this strength and it is the most commonly used type of strength. 

This strength-building is advantageous for muscle mass and bone density. To boost your maximum strength, you must start heavy compound exercises such as squats, bench presses, and deadlifts

Maximum Strength

5. Speed Strength

It is commonly misinterpreted as explosive strength. Where explosive strength is about how quickly you reach your maximum strength; speed strength is about how fast you make the move. 

You need to focus on how quickly you react to the force which can be done by lowering your weight during the exercise and focusing more on timing.

6. Starting Strength

In this strength type, an individual’s capability is measured by how much is the desired amount of force a person produces to carry out a task from a stationary position. 

This can be simply measured by taking two people for a sample. Ask them to stand up from a sitting position as fast as possible. 

This one is a little tricky to improve. You will have to focus on using heavier weights but at the same time, you need to concentrate on your range of motion to assure that you are controlled and stable to start with and after.

Now that you know about all types of strength. You must have got an idea of which one is your strongest strength and which one is the weakest. 

All you need is to change your workout plan according to your body strength. As a fit, healthy and strong person, you should have all strong body strengths. 

If you are confused about what exercises you should try and what should be the right workout plan? You can speak to your gym trainer or fitness coach. At the same time, you need to focus on your diet as, without a nutritious and healthy diet, it is impossible to strengthen your body. 

Starting Strength

In The End

The combination of a good and healthy diet and the right workout plan is the key to strengthening your body. However, you should know where to put the efforts that can be done by analyzing your body and its different types of strengths.