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What Is Sustainable Technology and How We Can Use It In Daily Life

  • April 25, 2022
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Green living is no more a choice, it’s a necessity now! Man-made products have already exploited the planet a lot. With each passing year, all geographical areas are experiencing negative changes in the climate. Ice melts, more rains, hotter temperatures, lack of water. The planet has reached its highest point of tolerance. Now if we do not stop the environmental exploitation, the dramatic end is near! Thanks to the environmental activists, organizations, and individuals who took the step to spread awareness about the need for green living. Consequently, many people and organizations have started putting their best efforts to live a sustainable life and make sustainable products respectively by enabling sustainable technology.

Sustainable technology? What is it? Is it a software that tells how to live sustainably? Well, no! It refers to the technological innovations that are done by considering natural resources and encouraging social and environmental development. 

Further, it can be defined in three ways:

Prevention – Sustainable technology prevents the negative impacts of the production and consumption of goods/services.

Substitution – The technology aims to provide environmentally-friendly alternatives so that people shift to more sustainable products and become quite environmentally conscious.  

Efficiency – Sustainable technology’s efficiency can be measured in terms of its use of energy and other resources.

Read through the blog to know about the applications of sustainable technology that are affordable, accessible and improve sustainable living.

Sustainable Technology For A Living

Sustainable technology aims to provide products and services that improve the overall environment and are great alternatives to the existing technology so that people do not hesitate to use it. 

Following are the applications of sustainable technology that help to improve environmentally-friendly living.

1. Digital Copies

Many products that were initially available physically can now be bought digitally. Such as CDs, DVDs, books, etc. By using these digital copies, you can reduce the need for required resources for their packaging, delivery, and maintenance. Moreover, you will not need extra furniture and storage space in your house for their storage. 

Just imagine! Shifting to digital products can be so environmentally-friendly and convenient for you as well. It will save you money (digital products are relatively cheaper), available with you all the time, and you do not need to buy supporting and maintaining products for them.

Digital Copies

2. Electric Transportation

Transportation is something that nobody can avoid. And, bicycles are not suitable to travel everywhere. Thanks to the technology, specialists understand the need of the hour and introduced eclectic bikes and cars that run with minimal use of electricity and save a lot of fossil fuels. Moreover, they release less carbon emissions which will help you to reduce your carbon footprints.

People who travel through public transport were already at their best yet now they can travel with electric buses and increase their contribution to green living.

3. Smart Lights

The way businessmen have to put their foot in customers’ feet. Technology developers did the same work and got to know that many times even environment-conscious people leave lights switched on due to laziness. It eventually increases electricity wastage. 

To avoid such scenarios, smart lights were introduced. These lights get connected with the wi-fi. So you can switch on/off the entire house lights with just a tap on your phone. 

Although these lights are relatively expensive yet a one-time investment that lasts long. Meanwhile, you save ample money from electricity built without a pang of guilt.

Smart Lights

4. Smart Thermostats

Like smart lights, we have smart thermostats available too. Thermostats help people to set the temperature manually. With smart thermostats, one does not do the manual settings. It will grab the temperature data from the surroundings and maintain the temperature accordingly.

It is definitely going to save energy. And, in the long run, you will experience a reduction in the electricity unit consumption as well.

5. Solar Power

This technology is relatively older than other technologies. Many countries, businesses, and households are already using solar energy for electricity consumption

It was made on the belief that we have an ample quantity of sunlight to produce electricity through it. Your electricity bill will be quite less as compared to water-generated electricity. Consequently, you will be able to use electricity without any guilt. 

Moreover, its installation increases the value of the property which has become one of the biggest drivers of solar panels installation.

Solar Power

The Bottom Line

Using sustainable technology is a win-win situation for both the environment and humans. One can save quite a lot of money with these one-time investments. If you feel these products are hard to afford. Buy them in installments one by one. Or the best could be taking them on rent. It will save your money and one product will be used another time to serve one more household. Eventually, old products will rotate in the market, and resources for new products will be required less. Thus, enabling sustainable technology for a living is a great alternative that ensures green living.