Ways to Stay Fit Without Going to a Gym

  • January 9, 2017
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Longing to throw off those nagging cellulite layers? Gym is not the only way to stay fit, though it is very attractive and effective. You can get the same results by shrugging off the extra calories that you keep adding on yourself. Read on for the ways to stay fit without going to the gymnasium:

    • Grab your comfy sneakers: Dig your sports shoes out of the closet and head to the nearby park for your cardio exercises. Do those calorie-burning lunges, jumping jacks, pushups, triceps and sit ups with the garden bench. You may end up being a source of inspiration for many others as well.
    • Team work pays: It’s always better to exercise as a team. It can be a little boring heading to the park without any “sport-mate” so you can head to the sports field and join a game. An adult sports league may be the answer and you will surely get rid of the calories.
    • Walk the town: Get supportive shoes and start walking around the most famous part of your city. You can enjoy the sightseeing and also have a “walk-outing’ beneath the skies in the fresh air.
    • Obstacle challenge: Is there an area nearby where an obstacle race is organized? You are doing the bending exercises and the abs, as you sneak in below the barbed wire and jump over the water pits.
    • Go hiking: If you want your heart to pump faster and the cellulite to reduce, you can go hiking. Fresh air and loads of exercise work a magic on calories. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery as you tread on in the cool air.
    • Run the track: It’s not very interesting to put on a pair of headphones and jog on the same place. If you run it burns calories the same way as a cardio workout. You can head out to the nearby track and take up the speed challenge.
    • Yoga: Another brilliant way to reduce weight is to lose weight with the help of the ancient science of yoga. Yoga asanas or yogic poses stretch the body and also strengthen the organs from inside. This also makes the mind strong and able.
    • Workout with daily chores: Lug that bucket full of clothes the correct way and make those biceps strong and hard. You can burn calories while working at home. Cleaning the home can act as the key to movement and losing weight. Scrub that dirty floor, vaccum away the dust and spread the bed clothes. after shaking them free of dust. You can manage that essential calorie burn at home!
    • Community service: Extend a hand for humanity and join an NGO or group that grabs volunteers for a service project such as brooming the streets or cleaning the park. All you have to do is move about the house and get rid of the dirt as well as the calories.
  • Have fun: There are so many other ways of shedding off weight and staying fit. Take the kids for a hike, a swim, rock climbing, dancing, or just rough house it together with the family. Roll on the carpet and have fun losing weight!