Try These Effective Ways To Stay Productive All Day

  • April 4, 2022
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It has become difficult for people to stay productive and effective all day. Nowadays, without boosters such as energy drinks, tea, and coffee people are unable to stay attentive during their work as well as at home. The rushing modern lifestyle is the major cause of it but, there is still a possibility to overcome this cause with our easy to follow tips for staying productive.

Usually, bloggers suggest exercising daily and recommend physical therapies too. However, if you are busy, you may not get time for these things. Also, physical therapies are somewhat expensive that which not everyone can afford.

Ways To Stay Productive At Home & Workplace

There is no thumb rule that you will follow and you will keep going all day. You will practice and adopt these habits to keep your body moving.

1) Make Stairs Your Bestfriend

Somebody has to say this! Indeed, escalators and elevators are for our convenience but do not use them at the cost of your physical health. 

We are not saying to not use it at all. When you are ill or not feeling like so you must use it. Do not make it your habit. For daily routine, you can take the stairs up to the 8th floor as well. 

In the beginning, people may laugh at you but remember, you are becoming effective and healthier for yourself, let them laugh at the beginning and enjoy your journey to becoming healthier

 Make Stairs Your Bestfriend

2) Walk While You Talk

We have heard the concept of “walk meetings” many times. Well, you can incorporate it into your daily routine. 

If you have authority, you must schedule your meetings while you are on the walk. This way, you will not even feel like sparing special time for a walk. Thus, you will be able to stick to your walking routine. 

Also, make a rule! Whenever you will get a call, you will go out and talk while walking. This way, your sitting time will not hamper your body and will keep you moving all day with the same stamina. You will not get tired easily. 

The walk will keep you going all day, boost productivity and remove anxiety. Also, it keeps you away from cardiovascular diseases.

3) Walking Lunges

Hahahahahaha… This kind of reaction you may get all the time you do it on the way to your home or supermarket. If you are super occupied in your personal and professional life, then this trick could help you stay active the entire day.

While you are walking to the destination, try doing walking lunges and do not bother the crowd as they may not even know you! You should do whatever your body requires.

It increases body flexibility, loosen up your hamstrings and hips. Therefore, it increases your stamina to stay active all day.

Walking Lunges

4) Get An Exercise Ball

If you are working from home, you can change your office chair to an exercise ball to improve your body posture. Also, while sitting on the ball, you can stretch your pelvis, spine, and neck. 

You can also hula-hoop motion and tuck untucking your pelvis to help boost your core stabilizers. Moreover, you can add some abdominal work such as seated marches or other exercises on the ball even while sitting for work. 

You may feel uncomfortable in the beginning yet gradually your body will adapt to it and you can enjoy many health benefits of it.

5) Give Reasons To Yourself For A Walk  

There are many ways you can find reasons to walk. 

  • Park your car far away from home to get a walk
  • Walk to your supermarket or ATMs or banks
  • Drop your kids to school, 

And many more…

Walking helps to stay your body active and going. Also, you should count your steps to keep track of your walking. Ideally, you should walk 10,000 steps a day to keep going your body. 

Moreover, tracking your step count will motivate you to walk more and stay more fit.

Reasons To Yourself For A Walk 

6) Dance Frequently

Dance keeps mood uplifted all day. Try dancing in the morning while heading to shower. You will feel too fresh and energetic which will be enough to keep you active. Moreover, it will help you concentrate on your work. Therefore, you must dance sometimes to stay enthusiastic. 

7) Spend Time With Your Family And Friends

People usually that your professional life is different from your personal life. However, if your mind is occupied with a thought; no matter professional or personal. You will not be able to focus on any other thing. 

Mental health is equally important to stay active and effective. If you are not happy from the inside, you will not feel enthusiastic about your work. You may get tired early and will be unable to focus on work (either professional or personal).

Therefore, spending time with friends and family will keep you sound and help your concentrate on your personal as well as professional chores.

Spend Time With Your Family And Friends


It is important to stay active and productive all day but without energy boosters, it becomes difficult for most people. If you are facing the same issue, you must plan things in the day to keep going. You can follow these easy tips to stay active every day.