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Top 9 Foods That Will Help You To Induce Labor Naturally

  • June 13, 2022
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Doctors usually give a tentative date of delivery to pregnant mothers but sometimes the labor does not occur on the date. If any mother wants or requires labor pain, they can try eating the foods below.

There is no scientific claim behind these foods. However, many mothers believe that these foods really help induce labor pain. 

Natural Ways To Induce Labor

You can consume these foods after consulting your doctor to induce labor. Also, these foods may replace your medicinal supplements intake a bit as they are rich in nutrients.

1. Pineapple

First of all, throw out the myth from your mind that pineapple is harmful in pregnancy. Indeed, doctors suggest avoiding it in the initial months because it may cause miscarriage but that fear is limited to the first three months only. After that, it is safe to have in less quantity.

In the ninth month, when you need to induce labor, you can have pineapple as it helps induce labor naturally. It contains bromelain (a type of proteolytic enzyme) that helps to soften the cervix to do the purpose. 

To induce labor, you should eat at least seven whole pineapples. However, do consult your doctor first as sometimes it may cause heartburn or diarrhea. 


2. Black Licorice

It can stimulate the production of prostaglandins because of the chemical glycyrrhizin. Make sure you do not consume too much of it as it can result in diarrhea. Diarrhea can cause mild contractions in the intestines which may result in sympathetic contraction of the uterus starting labor.

Also, the quantity should be less otherwise the action could be reverse. Consult your doctor about the quantity, and if you have any allergies with it, do not consume it at all. 

3. Garlic

Garlic is really effective and quite safe to consume to trigger labor pain. It stimulates the bowel movement. Also, it can help to empty stomach leading to labor pain.

It does not involve any side effects such as heartburn, indigestion or diarrhea. Thus, you can consume it safely. 

There are many ways to consume garlic like in food curry, garlic juice etc. 

4. Castor Oil

Castor oil that is extracted right from the bean of the plant has been considered one of the most effective ways to trigger labor pain. However, there is a slight possibility that it may cause vomiting or diarrhea. If the labor pain starts at the same time, it will be really difficult for an expectant mother to deal with it. Thus, if this oil does not suit you, avoid using it.

You can use it in foods to get the most out of it. 

Castrol Oil

5. Prego Pizza

Not only healthy yet boring food induces labor. There are some tasty and mouth watering foods that help start labor pain like prego pizza. This pizza contains 13 toppings including extra onions, garlic, and other 6 different kinds of meat. 

Indeed! You must have a great appetite to have this pizza and then go for a delivery. 

Again, it is a word of mouth solution, not scientifically proven.

6. Dates

Those amazingly good dates give an oxytocin-like impact. Oxytocin’s job is to cause contraction that leads to labor pain. Having dates may result in extreme sensitivity to the uterus and cause contraction just like oxytocin. 

Dates not only induce labor pain, it decreases the risks of C-section, as sometimes if the pregnant lady does not induce labor, they then deliver the baby through operation i.e. called C-section.

Though that is less painful yet has many side effects. Thus, is it not really advisable until not required.

7. Cumin Tea

Cumin tea is well-known as a home remedy for digestion. It can also induce labor. It increases the metabolic rate which is considered as a potential labor stimulator. 

If you feel uncomfortable drinking it raw, add a tiny chunk of potato in it while making it. The potato will absorb the bitterness of the cumins and give you a better taste. 

Cumin Tea

8. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red raspberry leaf tea is really good for uterus health. It helps to tone the uterus and prepare it for labor. It contains a phytochemical compound known as fragarine. It not only induces labor pain but also it increases the risk of cesarean. Moreover its consumption eases doctors for postpartum when the uterus has to contract back. 

9. Green Papaya

Do you know that raw papayas are rich in the enzyme papain? It is mostly found in the latex of unripe leaves and papaya fruit. Papain can trigger contractions in the uterus. It acts like prostaglandin and oxytocin that helps contraction to start. 

However, there is no benefit of eating ripe papaya as latex gets in it. That is why green papaya is considered good food to induce labor. 

Do not worry if you have somehow gained a lot of weight after C-section, there are many effective ways to shed post-pregnancy weight.

 Green Papaya

The Bottom Line

If a pregnant woman is ready to give birth to her child, the doctors have also given the green signal. There is no harm in inducing labor. You will even find many more ways on the internet to induce labor naturally but they are one of the safe ways. Still, everybody and pregnancy is different. Even if one trick worked in your first pregnancy may harm your body in the second, and vice versa. Therefore, do not eat or do anything without consulting your doctor.