Top 10 Things That Your Fitness Trainer Won’t Tell You

  • October 13, 2016
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Do you ever wonder how you landed up with your present trainer and are you dissatisfied with the exercise routine and guidance he hands out? People walk into the gym and they start their exercises under a trainer who may or may not be knowledgeable in field of physical education. They invest their total trust in their trainer without checking out the certification or capability. Do you think your fitness trainer tells you the truth always? Let’s see what your fitness trainer may never tell you openly!

1) Your weight gain is because of your lifestyle: Joining a gym doesn’t guarantee a shape up. You may be living a sedentary lifestyle and eating calorie rich salad dressings every time you head out for dinner, instead of making required energy losing efforts during day. Your trainer will never tell you that even if you are adhering to a special workout, you are not going to get good results if you are not conscious about nutrition. Your metabolism needs to be boosted and the right food habits and proper lifestyle will help in this.

2) The weight loss products I use are “toys”: The latest equipment recommended may not be the ideal weight loss product and it may just be an extension of sport catalog advertisements. This may be a way your trainer is showing off his “extra exercise knowledge”.

3) Try each machine in gym: Machines work on a single body part at one time. Your trainer doesn’t have to keep changing machines to make you lose weight. There need to be periods of free training as well.

4) Try me out for 30 days or else go for another trainer: Results is what one needs, but if you don’t get them in a month’s time, it’s time to change your trainer as your old one is missing something out!

5) You are a lazy person and not injured: A mild pain you have incurred due to exercise is normal but your attitude may prevent the trainer from telling you that light training will strengthen your muscles and speed up the healing process and staying away from exercise on this pretext is laziness.

6) I am not an emotional punch bag: Trainers are not interested in hearing your sob stories or exciting social life, because time wasted means poor “weight loss” results. Your sad state is not the trainer’s responsibility, though he is the person who hears the stories closest to your heart.

7) You are hogging and your hiding it from me: Sometimes the trainer is designing the correct exercise regime and the client is exercising too, but there is no drop in weight. This means that the intake of food is more than the client is revealing. The body has to respond to the workout if it is designed well.

8) Budget constraint? Find another trainer: Good personal trainers may be expensive and they many want to tell you to move on if you have a financial constraint but they won’t. He is expensive because he knows his job!

9) No phone calls and no texting: People have the nagging habit of listening to their phones and texting their friends as they are exercising and they end up blaming their instructor for not helping them lose weight. The trainer may stop their conversation but many times has to give up because of the client’s stubbornness.

10) Get new shoes: Have you suddenly developed back ache and joint pains? This may be because your gym shoes need a change. A good professional needs good exercise equipment and sports gear.