Some Amazing Yoga Poses To Boost Your Energy

  • May 4, 2022
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The kind of life most of us are leading these days requires a lot of energy. You must agree, that maximum people doing double shifts, balancing home and work together and working hard to make improve their living standards/ However, in the race of being better financially people are leaving the healthy life behind due to insuffienct energies in their bodies. It is a simple maths, more energy is required to work more. Thus, you must focus on boosting your stamina to work hard in a healthier manner. When we say healthy, it does not inclue having excess caffieine or energy drinks. These could have long run side effects. Therefore, you must try natural alternatives such as yoga poses to boost energy.

This blog is an amazing piece of content for people who need extra energy to do extraordinary things. Perform these yoga poses every day to improve your stamina.

Yoga, An Energy Booster

Along with other health benefits of yoga, it helps boosting the overall physical energy of the body. Read through to know how?

1) Easy Pose With An Arc

You can add this pose in your morning exercise or while meditating. It helps improve your mood, makes your day brighter, and promote energy levels.


  • Sit straight and make sure you distribute your weight equally on both side bones and bottom of your pelvis.
  • Cross your legs. Your feet should be under your knees protecting your joints.
  • Stretch your elbow by placing it back away from the body and place your fingertips on the ground.
  • While inhaling, press your ffingertips towards the ground and bring your back in the shape of an arch, while looking up and until your chest reach upwards.
  • Do it for 3-5 breaths and bring your body back in the sitting position during exhale.
Easy Pose With an Arc

2) Upward Salute

This pose is relatively easier and does not require a backbend. Thus, if you have backache issues, this pose is for you. It is a proven uplifting and energising yoga pose to do right after you get out of the bed in the morning.


  • Stand straight in the mountain pose
  • Raise your arms upwards on an inhale (palms facing each other) and look up.

You will realise getting energy to your body through your hands.

  • Practise this for 3-5 times and then put your hands down straight on the tigh side while exhaling.

3) Full Cobra

This yoga pose has multiple benefits. This not only energises your body but also gives your body an amazing stretch. Make sure you do not lock your joints by having a ‘micro-bend’ in elbows (especially if it gets hyder-extended in that area).


  • Lie down straight on the support of your stomach. Half-lift your elbows upwards while facing in front. 
  • During inhale, press towards ground with hands and life entire torso off the ground so that you come into a backbend.
  • While being in the pose, use this energy to spread your shoulders away from each other.
  • Stretch your chin up and forward
  • Place the tops of your legs on the ground and you will feel the energy with muscular activation.
  • Do this until 3-5 breaths.
Full Cobra

4) Low Lunge With An Arc

Lunges are good body stretch and releasing stress from hips. However, lower lunges while forming an arc not only improves your mood, it energises your entire body and bring freshness.


  • Form a low lunge position. Straight back, one knee stretch behind and standing on another half-bend leg.
  • During an inhale, stretch your back behind while lifting your hands towards the ceiling.
  • Lift your chin slightly up.
  • Switch the leg positions during an exhale.
  • Do it 5-7 times while practising deep breaths. 

5) Upward Facing Dog

This pose is quite similar to Full Cobra pose yet a different one to energise your body. Also, this pose is a part of the Sun Salutations. In the instructions, you will realise how different it is from Full Cobra pose.


  • Set up your Full Cobra pose
  • During inhale, press into the ground with hands and the tops of the feet. Shifting your weight forward.
  • While practising this pose, engage your muscles in legs and lift your quads up from the ground.
  • Keep your chest forward and slightly up.
  • While exhaling, keep your feets and hands back on the ground and lift your hips up. Come back into the downward facing dog pose.
Upward Facing Dog

The Bottom Line

Yoga has multiple health benefits. However, poeple are unware of its another advantage that is energy boosting. It helps energising human body to enhance the stamina and helps you being productive all day. Moreover, in the era where people are running from an end to another to make their lives better living. It is important to spare some time for yourself and keep your bodies naturally healthy. Thus, practices these yoga poses to boost energy without any processed drinks.