Signs That You Are Heavily Addicted To Alcohol

Signs That You Are Heavily Addicted To Alcohol

  • November 17, 2016
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Is your drinking leading to binge drinking? If you want to check whether you are on your way to alcohol addiction or not yet, here are some of the signs that you have to consider.

  • If you see drinking alcohol as a form of relaxation
  • One of the alarming signs that will tell if you are becoming highly dependent on alcohol is when you see it as a form of relaxation. If you feel pleasure every time you and your friends drink, this is one way of justifying that you can eventually become addicted to alcohol.
  • Your tolerance level to alcohol increased
  • Another sign that will confirm you are becoming dependent on alcohol is when your tolerance level has increased. For example, if before you only drink occasionally to socialize, but as you consumed large amounts of alcohol, your tolerance increases. Now you need to double or triple the amounts in order to get that feeling of pleasure.
  • You become dependent on alcohol
  • This is a critical period wherein a person becomes dependent on alcohol and abuses. When this happens, you developed the desire to drink on a daily basis which is unhealthy and could result to bigger problems like missing your family obligations, not going to work because of the aftermath of heaving drinking as well as ruining relationships with people you love.

What is alcoholism?

The continuous dependency on alcohol is called “alcoholism” wherein the affected person is both physically and mentally addicted to drinking alcohol. If the signs of your alcohol dependency are no longer stoppable and you keep craving for this substance, drinking alcohol has now become a life forming habit that you have to live on a daily basis. You see a day without alcohol as a dull day with no life. If this continues to affect your overall well being, you are in total chaos to yourself and to the people around you.

When to seek residential alcohol rehab treatment?

  • If you come to terms that this addiction to alcohol must come to end, this gives you the strength to seek professional help and avail alcohol rehab treatment.
  • If most of your productive time is already spent on drinking heavily.
  • If your alcohol cravings are too much and already affecting your life, work and relationship with others.
  • You become a source of grief to people close to you like friends, family and colleagues at work.
  • You are still in the denial stage that you are addicted to alcohol.

How to locate a credible residential alcohol rehab treatment facility?

There are many ways to locate a credible residential alcohol rehab facility and among them are:

  • Do online search by using relevant keywords such as “residential drug rehab” and narrow your list of candidates to a few.
  • Ask referrals from clubs or organizations in your area focused in helping people suffering to alcohol addiction.
  • Check online residential drug rehab centers offering different type of rehab programs to treat alcoholism.
  • Read reviews, comments and testimonials of clients who availed alcohol rehab treatment programs.
  • Visit forum sites whose thread of discussions revolving around rehabilitation treatment centers and professionals offering advice to alcohol dependents.

What to look for a residential alcohol treatment facility?

Once you managed to locate a residential alcohol treatment facility, be sure you take into consideration the following areas before enrolling yourself or any loved one suffering from alcohol addiction:

  • The rehab facility must be well maintained.
  • The ambiance must project a serene environment ideal for patients undergoing detoxification and rehabilitation.
  • The professional employed must be highly trained and hold valid licenses to offer their services and expert advice.
  • Various treatment programs must be offered to patients with different levels of alcohol addiction.
  • Flexible payment terms to accommodate patients with limited funds.

Undergoing alcohol rehab treatment can be a challenging journey, but with the presence of a top performing residential alcohol rehab center and your strong commitment to become sober, you are a step closer to getting yourself cured from alcohol dependency. Remember, not all who entered have become successful, so stay focused and do everything to win this battle.

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