Significance of Skin Exfoliation

  • January 22, 2017
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Are you regularly pampering your skin with layers and layers of sunscreen, cleansing and moisturizing lotions, but is your skin still looking listless and dull? The skin does not look healthy if the dead cells collected on its surface, are not removed regularly. These dead skin cells need to be washed off or else the skin starts to lose its natural sheen.

Ways to exfoliate:

Desquamation is a natural process of the body where the old, dry and hard skin cells are shed off.

To shed off these dead skin cells you need to use certain exfoliating skin products like abrasive scrubs to mechanically cleanse off dirt.

Chemical peeling involves scrubs and applications that have acids that dissolve the dead skin cells, and then removes them with their cleansing action. Once this is done the new skin peeps through.

Why should we exfoliate?

  • In case of oily skin, the texture of the skin becomes gluey and pores get clogged with bacteria that cause acne. People with oily skin need to exfoliate because this will help improving skin tone, control oil production, removes the dull and lifeless looking skin cells. This leads to a natural skin glow, but you need to get a proper professional skin analysis to get the perfect exfoliation regime.
  • With age, the natural shedding of skin cells becomes extremely slow and the old skin cannot regenerate new skin. The old cells start to collect and the skin looks dry and rough in the bargain. Accumulated dead skin cells lead to clogged pores and production of excess oil. The skin starts developing zits and acne. Exfoliation leads to the removal of dead skin and exposure of new fresh cells so that your skin glows with health.
  • Exfoliation increases blood circulation to the skin and also breaks down the toxins to reveal the glorious and fresh skin. Along with this it is better to drink loads of water to remove the wastes. After this make sure you hydrate skin by using a good moisturizer. Fresh exfoliated skin needs to be protected from the harsh sun rays.
  • An exfoliator is very good for blemish full skin. Normally post an acne breakout there is a darkish red mark left behind that can be lightened with the help of regular exfoliation.
  • The congestion in clogged pores is removed with the help of good exfoliation.
  • Skin pigmentation can also be bleached with the help of exfoliation on a regular basis. Pigmented cells can be broken up with exfoliation.
  • Dehydrated skin that collects dead skin cells feels fresh and moisturized with a good exfoliator. This can also expose the ingrown hair so go ahead and exfoliate!
  • The exfoliation technique needs to be decided according to the treatment plan suggested by a dermatologist. There are some women who are advised weekly exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation is not advisable for everyone and the chemical peel used for this process, may be used judiciously and in miniscule quantities.

If it is a manual scrub then it needs to be an exfoliator with round granules so that the skin is not troubled, rasped or injured unnecessarily. The scrub needs to be lightly used to remove dead skin cells. The skin may get irritated if the touch and peel is hard and rough and this irritation can be bad for the fresh looking skin.