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Safe Home Remedies To Fight Cold And Viral Infection

  • May 16, 2022
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The viral season is back again and so we are! Viral fever and cold infection are quite normal and mostly it takes a week to get normal. When viruses infect a host by introducing their genetic material to your cells, to produce more particles, virus infection takes place. When our immune system responds with a defence, our body increases its temperature and resulting in fever. It is most widely spread in the monsoon season due to weather fluctuations and weak immune systems. 

Similarly, when a cold virus enters your body, eyes or nose, it affects your throat causing a cold and cough. At the same time, viral infection is contagious. Thus, it is always advised to stay at a distance from a person with viral fever and cold function.

Common Home Remedies For Cold And Fever

Now that we have got enough information about viral infections, let’s move ahead with some home remedies that help to fight cold and viral infections.

1. Honey & Lime Juice

Honey is known for its energy proving property that is quite useful in reducing viral symptoms whereas lime cuts toxicity. If you mix both in lukewarm water, with ginger (in a very less amount). It becomes a great remedy to get rid of viral fever at home. 

You should drink this drink 3-4 times and keep checking the temperature at least twice to check whether it is showing effects or not as sometimes the body does not respond positively to a certain thing. 

If this does not help, we have other options as well.

Honey & Lime Juice

2. Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi leaves are considered one of the best immunity boosters that people consume normally. You can either eat raw tulsi leaves after washing them once or boil them in water (until the water gets reduced to half) or put it in tea to make the drink healthier. 

Moreover, it has antibacterial and antibiotic properties that help to fight against fever and cold infections. If fever and cold are becoming more problematic, you can boil tulsi in water with half a tablespoon of clove and drink it every 2 hours till the time you do not realise the difference in symptoms.

3. Coriander Tea

If you have a runny nose with viral fever, this one will be more helpful for you. Add coriander seeds into the boiling milk, once it is properly boiled, shift it to the cup and then add honey. Drink the liquid when it cools down.

Make sure you do not add honey while the milk is boiling. Honey, a natural sweetener, is quite healthy. However, if you add it to anything while on the flame, it becomes poisonous. 

Coming back to coriander tea. Coriander has vitamins and phytonutrients that help to control the running nose. Also, it is a natural resource to boost your immunity so that you recover from fever quickly. You must consume this tea at least twice a day to see effective results. 

Coriander Tea

4. Rice Starch

This one may sound a little eww yet it is not. C’mon, it’s just rice water with numerous health benefits including immunity boosting. It works as a diuretic agent that helps to reduce the symptoms of viral fever. 

To get the rice starch, first of all, make boiled rice. When they are half-cooked, strain the liquid out of them. For instant effect, drink when it is warm. 

The best thing is you do not have to put in any extra effort, your home remedy will be ready while preparing food.

5. Black Pepper And Ginger Tea

One of the common symptoms of viral fever is irregular bowels. Especially in the case of children. If it’s the scenario, you must try black pepper and ginger tea for the remedy.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the viral symptoms as we have used it above in other remedies too. Wherein black pepper aids in flushing off the toxicity from your body. In short, this combination is just too effective to get rid of viral infection.

Black Pepper And Ginger Tea

6. Chicken Broth

When you are ill, you do not only need immunity boosters. You also need a nutritious diet that will help to alleviate the symptoms too, such as chicken soup. 

It is a great source of protein. Also, it slows down the movement of neutrophils which are common white blood cells to protect your body from infections. If their movement is slowed down, they will settle at the places where the most healing is required. Also, they work quite well to heal upper respiratory infections such as common colds and sore throats.

7. Fruits With Vitamin C

If you have ever noticed, doctors give Vitamin C supplements. In mild fever cases, fruits with vitamin C could be used in lieu of supplements. First, they are natural. Second, they will improve your taste buds as you must be bored of having patient-like food.

Fruits that contain vitamin C are good for viral fever and cold infections. They can relieve respiratory tract infections and many other illnesses. You can eat lemon (in lukewarm water), oranges (not frozen), grapefruits, and leafy greens. All these are amazing sources of Vitamin C.

Fruits With Vitamin C

The Bottom Line

If you are reading this while you or your family member is suffering from viral fever or cold. You must try these home remedies. However, make sure you are not allergic to any food ingredient suggested above. Moreover, if these remedies do not work, immediately consult your doctor as the cause of fever could be something else. For more health-related articles, keep following our website blog.