Chapped Lips

Preventive Measures For Dry Or Chapped Lips

  • June 6, 2022
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Do you also feel the dryness and flaky lips often? Well, it could be due to chapped lips. What are chapped lips? How to identify that you have chapped lips? What are the major causes and their potential risks? Most importantly, how to prevent or treat them? If all these questions matter to you, read this blog till the end as we have everything you need to know about chapped lips.

What Are Chapped Lips?

Chapped lips are the ones that dry and crack often. You may feel the burn or sting sensation. Moreover, it could sometimes be irritating or uncomfortable if properly chapped.

It could be anytime, anywhere, any day. All you need is to give special care to your lips. Keep them hydrated and moisturized so that they won’t get affected by the outside atmosphere.

Symptoms Of Chapped Lips

If you know exactly what chapped lips are, you will identify them immediately. Otherwise, you can refer to these symptoms to be double sure.

  • Dryness
  • Burning, tingling, or stinging
  • Bleeding
  • Redness, etc.

Bleeding and redness could be worst-case scenarios. You must start taking care of your lips once you feel dryness or experience flaked lips.

Dry Lips

Causes Of Chapped Lips

Mostly chapped lips are caused due to the following external environmental factors:

  • Dry indoor air
  • Dry weather
  • Lack of oil glands
  • Too much sunlight exposure
  • Lips drying products like, salicylic acid, menthol, or camphor
  • Excessive licking, picking, and touching your lips
  • Not drinking the required amount of water
  • Applying a lip balm that does not suit your lip pH level.
  • Not moisturizing your lips properly
  • Holding metal with your lips (spoon, door lock, etc.)

Tips To Prevent Chapped Lips

Some could be due to natural factors or some because of a lack of lip care. Thus, a person must the prevention tips and also, the treatment for chapped lips.

1. Apply Lip Balm Regularly

As we said earlier, keeping lips moisturized is really important. Applying lip balm can solve the purpose. However, not all lip balms could be good for your skin. Choose the one with high emollients, petrolatum (to lock the moisture), and dimethicone (to repair cracks and splits).

Unlike face wash, lip balms come into your daily routine a little more often. You should apply lip balm almost every 1.5-2 hours as the external environment absorbs your lips’ moisture and makes them dry.

Also, make sure you apply lip balm before and after coating lipstick so that lipsticks won’t affect your lips’ moisture levels.

Tip: Lip balms and lip ointments will solve the same problems. 

Apply Lip Balm

2. Cover Your Lips When You Are Riding

While riding, our lips are extremely exposed to the outside dust, pollution, and sun exposure. All this can affect your lips devastatingly. Like you cover your arms to protect them from sun rays, you must protect your lips the same way.

Tie a scarf or handkerchief on your face and then go for a ride, stress-free.

3. Drink Enough Water

Just a proper water intake protect lips damage. Water can hydrate your lips and bring its moisture back. It is really impactful in combating dehydration (a major reason behind chapped lips).

If you often forget to drink water. There are many ways you can track your water intake. The best is to install a water reminder app. It keeps reminding you to drink water and tracks your water intake as well.

Drink Water

4. Do Not Lick Your Lips

Your salivary glands are not doing any better to your lips. They are rather making them drier. It absorbs your lips’ moisture. Running your tongue over your lips could be the worst thing you can ever do to your lips.

Whenever you feel dryness, apply a lip balm or ointment rather than licking your lips.

5. Do Not Exfoliate

You must have seen people talk about skin exfoliation. Indeed it is, but not in the case of chapped lips. Your skin is already suffering, peeling it off or exfoliating it would be a bad idea which may cause bleeding or inflammation as well.

Thus, exfoliation should not be done in case of chapped lips.


6. Do Not Peel Flaky Skin

The skin of the lips is quite delicate and thin. If you try to peel it due to irritation it must be caused due to dryness. You may experience redness or bleeding.

In case you feel too uncomfortable with flaky skin, apply lip balm as frequently as possible.

In The End

Do not panic if you often experience chapped lips. The panicking situation must arise when the chapped lips do not repair with lip balm. In such a case, first, try changing your lip balm. If it does not work, consult your doctor for the prevention of dry lips and do the needful.