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Nine Healthy Grab-And-Go Snacks To Help You Stick To Your Diet

  • October 21, 2022
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Eating a snack between meals helps to satisfy your appetite and prevents you from inhaling your supper when you eventually settle down to eat. Snacking can also help you consume all of the nutrients you require. 

On the other hand, snacking all day, especially on meals with minimal nutritional value, may result in overeating. It’s a good idea to keep healthy foods on hand so you’re ready when hunger strikes. Many of these weight-loss foods also make excellent on-the-go munchies.

Can Snacking Be Included In A Healthy Diet?

Without a doubt! Choose a snack that has protein, fat, and/or fiber. These nutrients keep you satiated for longer since they take longer to absorb. Snacks are also an excellent method to supplement your diet. Consider carrots and hummus, an apple with nut butter, or whole-grain crackers with cheese as snacks. Furthermore, if you allow yourself to become overly hungry, you are more likely to overeat at your next meal. 

So, while we don’t typically think of chips and sweets as “snack” items, consuming snacks might help you avoid overeating. When it comes to eating and reducing weight, you may believe that calories are the most significant factor. 

However, 100 calories of jelly beans will not satisfy you, however 200 calories of almonds and dried fruit would. That’s not to suggest calories don’t matter, but it’s equally crucial to select a snack that provides nutrients while also filling you up. All of our weight-loss meal plans allow for two snacks each day, with each snack containing roughly 200 calories on the 1,500-calorie meal plans. Here, we answer some often-asked eating topics and present 9 healthy snacks for a busy day.

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1. Chickpeas Roasted

Chickpeas, the base of your favorite hummus, provide an incredible 50 grams of protein per cup. Divide that into 12 portions and roast the seeds for a snack with 25 grams of protein. It also includes a lot of fiber and carbs, both critical for keeping you going during the day.

2. Greek Yogurt In Single Servings

Greek yogurt contains a lot of protein in a compact package, but if you don’t read the nutrition labels, it may turn into a sugar and calorie bomb. A single-serving container of Greek yogurt (approximately 5 ounces) has 15 grams of protein. Choose unsweetened varieties with less sugar (8 grams or less) and little fat.

3. Popcorn With ‘Cheese’

Were you surprised to see cheddar popcorn on a list of high-protein snacks? Well, spreading parmesan cheese over air-popped popcorn is hardly the same as the horror of movie theatre popcorn. Popcorn is high in fiber and low in calories, and you can boost the protein content by dusting it with nutritional yeast, or “nooch,” a vegan alternative that tastes like parmesan cheese. This gives it a cheesy flavor and an additional 8 grams of protein. It is one of the best healthy snacks.

4. Almonds

Almonds are nearly associated with a healthy diet, and for good reason: each ounce of almonds contains roughly 6 grams of protein. Almonds might be dull on their own, but roasted varieties offer more flavor—just make sure there’s no added salt or sugar.


5. A Mixture Of Trail Mixes

Trail mix is one of those foods that, depending on what you put in it, can be both nutritious and incredibly bad. A nutritious trail mix mixed with peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and a few dried cranberries, on the other hand, may provide a lot of protein per serving. Just make sure to keep those amounts small so you’re not consuming hundreds of additional calories for a snack. The huge trail mix packs are one of the worst airport snacks, but if you keep it all in perspective, it’s not that awful.

6. Protein Shakes

Whey and plant-based protein powders are popular among fitness enthusiasts who understand the benefits of consuming muscle-building proteins. Powdered protein shakes make it very easy to grab some protein on the move—just shake a scoop with water and you’ll receive 15-30 grams of protein in one go. Just keep an eye on the sugar content because some firms add a lot of extra fillers to their protein powders to make them seem like milkshakes.

7. Kefir

Because of its fermentation process, kefir has earned a reputation as an excellent method to keep your stomach in control, but this milk-like beverage contains an incredible 10 grams of protein per cup. Kefir, like cottage cheese, might take some getting accustomed to before it becomes your go-to protein enhancer. Fortunately, several firms now provide kefir-based drinks blended with healthful ingredients to boost flavor without sacrificing health. 

Try these Best Bottled Smoothies You Can Buy, According to Nutritionists, for another nutritious, liquid snack.

8. Kits For Tuna And Crackers

Popular tuna brands such as Bumble Bee and Starkist now provide protein-rich tuna in pre-made packages that include crackers and plenty of added taste in the form of spices such as lemon and cracked pepper. These convenient packets also include up to 18 grams of protein.

 Tuna And Crackers

9. Chocolate

Losing weight does not imply giving up your favorite meals. Giving yourself small rewards, believe it or not, might be the key to permanently reducing weight. However, attempting to be “too excellent” sets you up for failure and prevents you from really enjoying your cuisine.

Make room for a glass of wine with supper if you enjoy it. Do you prefer dessert? Instead of a drink, go for a tiny chocolate treat. Remember, it’s fine if you have both. Don’t berate yourself. Simply have a good breakfast tomorrow.

In Conclusion

If you’re attempting to lose weight, snacks may easily fit into your diet. Having a strategy for the sorts of snacks you bring to work and on the move can help you diversify your food selection, alter the nutrients you consume, and protect you from being hungry between meals. Remember, nutrient-dense snacks (fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals) can help you acquire the nourishment your body requires while also keeping you full. I hope you liked these healthy grab-and-go ideas for your cravings.