Mini Workout At Home

Mini Workouts That Are Specially Planned For Busy Days

  • May 18, 2022
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Skipping gym due to work meetings or to maintain your social life? Is it just us or is it normal? Well, if you can relate to this situation, this blog is going to solve many problems and relieve you from the guilt of not going to the gym and also, having junk! 

Have you ever heard of mini workouts? Such workouts are planned in a manner that you stay active and energetic all day. If any day you can not go to the gym or spare 40-50 minutes for exercises, you must consider doing mini-workouts to keep going all day. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its physical activity guidelines, an adult should perform 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercises weekly. Still, if you can not spare enough time to perform such intense exercises. You can opt for mini workouts as compensation. 

Let’s move ahead and see the exercises included in the mini-workouts. 

Exercises For Mini Workouts

These workouts usually take 10minutes so you do not worry much about the time consumption. Also, if you are doing it at home, you will be able to do it with utmost comfort as people stay more comfortable doing exercises at their place. 

Try any one of the following you feel comfortable with:

Mini Workout Plan – 1

10 pushups

10 bodyweight squats

20-seconds plank

20 jumping jacks

10 glute biceps

Take the rest of 20 seconds, and repeat the set as much as possible in 10 minutes.

Mini Workouts

Mini Workout Plan – 2

30 seconds jumping jacks or high knees

30 seconds bodyweight squats

30 seconds plank

30 seconds rest and repeat as many times possible in 10 minutes

Mini Workout Plan – 3

Find an elevated place or short hill

Run or walk to the top

10 bodyweight squats and 15 walking lunges on the top

Come down from hill by walking (do not run)

Take 1-minute rest and repeat as many times possible in 10-15 minutes

Mini Workout

Mini Workout Plan – 4

This one is yoga-centric. People who do or like doing yoga to keep going all day can perform this workout plan

Child’s pose for 2-3 times; hold for approx. 30secods

10 times chair pose

8 repetitions of downward dog

10 times cat-cow

Take a 30 seconds break and repeat as many times as possible in 10-15 minutes.

All of these workouts are equally effective to keep you going all day. So whenever you have a feeling that your workout session or gym will be missed. Choose any of these and forgo the feeling of guilt for not attending the workout session.

Not just this, there are many more benefits of doing mini-workouts. Read below to learn more about it.

Easy To Fit In Your Schedule

We have heard this so many times, ‘I really want to do a workout and gym but do not have enough time.’ If you know someone like this, do share this blog with them. 

If someone genuinely wants to do exercise or workout, they will manage 10 minutes for it. It is one of the most attractive reasons for doing mini-workouts.

1. Maintains Consistency

It is essential to stay consistent with the workout sessions. Believe us, it does not take much time to adopt unhealthy habits and forgo a healthy routine

Mini workouts will keep you in touch with exercises and when you will go back to the normal intense workout routine, you will not feel much difference.

Maintains consistency

2. Improves Both Mental And Physical Health

Like daily intense workouts, mini exercise sessions offer similar mental and physical health benefits. It helps maintain blood pressure levels, blood fat, glucose, and insulin levels. 

Moreover, you will experience a good mood after performing these mini workouts. Especially the feeling of not missing the workout. Ahh… that feeling! :p

However, it does not mean you completely leave doing intense workouts, they are not replaceable. These mini workouts are just for the time being to keep you in a flow.

3. Make High-Intensity Workouts Easier

You can use these exercises as a warm-up before performing a higher intensity workout. It improves blood circulation, maintains blood pressure and makes you energetic to perform more exercise.

Even when you go to the gym, maximum times your gym trainer will ask you to do cardio and the exercises mentioned in these mini workouts so that your body gets ready for the higher intensity gym session.

Make high-intensity workouts easier

4. Decreases The Stress Of Working Out

Many people start getting stressed if they are unable to go to the gym or do not perform many physical activities. They feel so unhealthy and take a lot of stress due to it.

These mini workouts will work as a stress reliever for them as you will feel you have done your bit to physical health. Also, people may take less stress about their physical health and weight and it will also help to improve your mood.

The Bottom Line

Mini workouts are used by different people in different ways. Some of them may use it as a warm-up routine or some may perform it to keep up their physical strength, and some may do it due to occasional gym skips. No matter whatever the reason, your body is going to get similar physical benefits as compared to a high-intensity workout. However, if you are willing to lose weight, then we will recommend talking to your gym trainer to give you customised mini-workout plans for the days you are unable to attend the gym.