Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness Activities And Techniques For Good Mental Health

  • May 25, 2022
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In an era where everyone is too tired of this running lifestyle, there’s a need for calmness, relaxing time and introspection. Most of the people do not even get time to think about themselves. The ‘me time’ is mandatory for all of us. However, it seems like a luxury to many. In this blog, you will get to know about the benefits of mindfulness and the activities for good mental health. 

Mindfulness is the art of finding peace in your inner-self. It involves many activities that help you see yourself and have inner communication. The process involves enhancing and maintaining the concentration moment-by-moment, understanding your thoughts and feelings, and realising the bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through gentle eyes. It is a beautiful way to see yourself and introspect.

Benefits Of Mindfulness

There are ample advantages of mindfulness, if we start to write all, there will be no end. Thus, we have got the top advantages of practising mindfulness.

  • Reduce rumination
  • Less stress
  • Provides optimistic approach
  • Boost working memory
  • Improve concentration
  • Less emotional breakouts
  • Enhance cognitive skills
  • Increase inner satisfaction

All are the benefits we keep looking for! Isn’t? So let’s see the activities to perform to get all these benefits. Do not worry, it barely asks for a special time.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Exercises And Tips

In this section, you will see how easy is to practise mindfulness even in your busy schedules.

1. Mindful Driving

No! We are not saying to drive carefully. That is an obvious thing! Concentrate on your surroundings while driving. Turn off the music, open the window and hear the sounds around, and look at the surroundings peacefully. Focus on the road, let the thoughts develop and just listen to yourself.

Turn your phone on silent and do not rush. Just slowly go with the flow and enjoy the breeze. Also, try to ignore the negativity of your surroundings. Just focus on being at peace. 

You’ll feel the next level in yourself, even if you were in a bad mood.

2. Walking Meditation

It is as simple as it sounds. Also, you do not need to spare time especially for walking. You can do it while you are walking to the office or grocery. Utilise the time and practise meditation while you walk. 

Walk slowly and only pay attention to your steps. Do not think about anything other than your steps. If you are running out of time, you can set an alarm so you do not have to keep checking your phone for the time. 

Remember, no phone, no music, no distractions. Just you and your steps. That’s it! Once you feel done. Take a deep breath and go back to your life.

Walking meditation

3. Single-Tasking

We all are preparing ourselves to be multi-tasking these days. Perhaps, it is the need of the business world and the kind of lifestyle we have. Many of you must be watching a series while cooking or eating, writing a mail while on the call or making a presentation during the meeting. 

If you have noticed, many times this multitasking increases the work rather than utilising time as you must have expected. Yet the point is, do single-tasking and concentrate only on one job. We are sure you did not know that it is also a mindful activity that helps to increase focus, productivity and subject knowledge. Moreover, you become more confident about the task you did.

4. Mindful Eating

As we said above, single-tasking is a kind of mindful activity. Similarly, doing something else while eating is not a good practice too.

Just focus on the food. Identify the herbs and spices in them. To increase the focus, try eating with a non-dominant hand and turning off the TV and putting the phone on silent. Do not interact with anybody. Just focus on the food, its aroma, flavours and textures. 

This way, your food knowledge will increase, and you will feel filled soon so you will not do overeating that will improve your physical health as well.

Mindful eating

5. Music Meditation

Yes! Music works as a therapy. It improves your mood and makes you more positive and relaxed.

Listen to soothing music (not tunes and ideally not so familiar ones). While listening to the music, focus on the following things-

  • How do you feel in the body while listening to this music?
  • What is the reason behind this feeling?
  • If you are familiar with the song, did you find any sounds or lyrics that you did not notice before?
  • How does your breath change with different rhythms?

6. Puzzles

Puzzles require concentration. One can solve the puzzle only if he/she is focusing on it. It improves your concentration levels, problem-solving and cognitive skills.

Follow this approach: Understand the puzzle pattern, focus on the problem and look for suitable solutions. Do try and test the method, this will help you enhance your creative thinking.


The Bottom Line

If we talk about mindfulness, almost every activity will ask you to perform tasks individually. Do not do mix and match or multitask. When we do multitask, our brain needs to put more effort. That too in two different areas. Thus, our brain gets tired soon and our productivity reduces. Mindfulness works on the single-tasking approach. It calms your mind and gives you ample time to think and decide. Moreover, it becomes your habit to do things mindfully which reduces stress and improves mood.