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Know How You Can Get Rid Of Shoulder Pain At Home

  • January 12, 2022
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An important yet most movable body part, the shoulders often catch pains that cause unwanted changes in daily routines. You may not feel like doing anything if your shoulder is in pain. It is important to get rid of the shoulder pain but not all pains require a visit to the doctor, some can be healed at home too. Do not worry, if you have got a problem, we have got the solution. Scroll through the blog to get home remedies for shoulder pains.

Natural Shoulder Pain Relief Tips To Follow At Home

(Please note, these pain relief tips are general that can be used for common shoulder pains such as muscle pull, bad sleeping posture, etc.)

1) Heat Therapy

Heat therapy works well for muscle pains. It gives relief to the tense muscles and allays the stiff shoulder that in turn gives you relaxation from shoulder pain. You can use this therapy in case of arthritis pain too. 

Use a hot gel pack, a heating pad or a hot water bottle for heat therapy.

Heat Therapy

2) Cold Compress

Not only heat but cooling can also heal your shoulder pain. It numbs the extreme pains. Use an ice pack for 20 minutes five times a day. If you do not have the ice pack, keep all ice cubes in a plastic bag or a cotton cloth. Apply it to your shoulder. Do not use ice cubes directly on your shoulders.

3) Muscle Relaxants

It is self-explanatory that if you have muscle pains or spasms then muscles relaxants could be really helpful. Usually, muscle relaxants contain cyclobenzaprine, tizanidine, and baclofen. You may require a prescription from the doctor before applying it as per legal norms. 

Make sure to not apply such relaxants while driving or working as it causes drowsiness.

4) Pain killers

Although pain killers should not be encouraged much, if you feel the pain is not bearable and you need instant treatment, painkillers are the best option one could ever consider. But remember, do not eat painkillers until it is the last option you have.

Moreover, painkillers make you feel drowsy too, so it is better to take them when not working, driving or doing something urgent.

Pain killers

5) Activity Modifications

If you have been performing an exercise or activity which may have caused shoulder pain, you must do their required modifications. Muscle exercises can keep your muscles strong and flexible. 

6) Anti-Inflammatory Medication

If the pain is due to inflammation, these medicines will be helpful. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) lower the inflammation and help to relieve pain. Some OTC (Over-the-counter) medicines include aspirin, naproxen, etc. 

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

7) Compression

If you have swelling in your shoulder with the pain. It is advised to use a medical elastic bandage. Wrap it tightly on your shoulder in a way that it should leave marks but make sure to not stop the blood flow. If you feel that the blood flow is being stopped, you must loosen the compression bandage. 

These are the basic practices you can do at home to get relief from shoulder pain. However, these are not the only home remedies, you can try some exercises to get relief or to prevent shoulder pain. 

Exercises To Relieve Shoulder Pain

(i) Across-The-Chest Stretch

One of the easiest exercises you can do even at work. This exercise makes your arms and shoulders flexible and enhances joint motion.

– Move your right arm towards the chest.

– Place it in the crease of the left elbow or give support to your arm from your left hand.

– Stay in a position for about 1 minute.

– Exercise the same on the opposite side

– 3-5 times each side 

If you feel any pain during exercising, leave it immediately.

Across-The-Chest Stretch

(ii) Eagle Arm Spinal Rolls

This exercise is good for muscle stretching. It requires focus to perform this exercise properly. You may feel constriction while in this pose.

– Sit straight on the chair, extend your arms towards out.

– Cross your elbows with your right arm on top

– Now, bend your elbows in the same position

– Bring your palms together

– Stay in the position for up to 15 seconds

– While exhaling, roll your spine and bring your elbows towards your chest.

– Open your chest while inhaling and lift your arms.

– Do this exercise for at least 2 minute

– Repeat on another side

If you feel doing this exercise is difficult, try performing by holding shoulders.

(iii) Neck Release

This exercise works well to loosen stress from the neck and shoulders. Moreover, you do not need a specific place to perform this exercise. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

– Lower your chin to the chest. You must feel a stretch at the back of your neck.

– Lean your head towards your left

– Hold the position for 1 minute

– Repeat on the other side

– Practice each side 3-5 times

You can stretch your shoulders and head in the contrary direction with the help of your arms to practice it more deeply.

Try doing these exercises daily for better results. If you feel pain even after trying all these tips and exercises for about 3-4 weeks, you must visit a doctor. It could be something that needs doctor diagnosis and better health treatment.

Neck Release


The kind of lifestyle we have, muscle pain, shoulder pain are the common problems almost everyone faces. If you want natural pain relief. You must do these activities and get a healthy diet to strengthen muscles and bones to not get affected by minor causes. Also, you should get your bone density, muscle strength, etc. at least once a year to stay informed about your own. For more updates on health and home remedies for treatment, keep following our blogs.