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How To Create A Home Gym Out Of Common Household Items

  • July 13, 2022
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Our ever-evolving world has now given us a new trend. It is not enough to just be thin but one also has to be fit, with visible muscles. Muscle strength, and mobility training are very important aspects of working out. Doing only cardio has never been enough. It is also essential to mix and match exercises that target different muscle groups for overall development. There’s no wonder that the frequency of gyms in a locality has increased tenfold since the last decade. For all the people out there, who are unable to make time to visit the gym or simply do not want to, there is a great alternative. You can make an easy home gym and stay fit at home. You don’t have to invest in expensive equipment that also requires space to keep. Instead, make use of things that you already have at your disposal. 

We have listed for you a number of common household items that are usually available in all houses. They are cost-effective and make up the best home gym essentials!

1. Filled Water Bottles

A nearly perfect replacement for dumbbells are filled water bottles. They are easy to hold in each hand and accessible as they are available in everyone’s kitchen. 

Exercises that can be done – arm exercises, squats, lunges.

Filled Water Bottles

2. Laundry Detergent  

Another replacement for weights in a laundry detergent bottle. Due to it’s accessible handle, it can be used as a kettlebell. 

Exercises that can be done – arm exercises, squats, lunges. 

3. Books

Remember those heavy books you don’t use anymore? Well, the good news is that they can be repurposed as weights to workout your arm muscles. They can also be added to your weight resistance routine. 

Exercises that can be done – arm exercises, squats, lunges. 

4. Towels

Towels provide extra resistance when doing floor exercises. They can be used as a replacement for sliders during workouts. They are especially useful during back exercises as they hit all the right muscle groups. 

 Exercises that can be done- back exercises, arm exercises. 


5. Rice Bags

Rice bags usually weigh around 5-10 kgs. They can be used to work on the whole body through squats or simply used to accentuate arm muscles. 

Exercises that can be done- squats, front press, arm exercises. 

6. Chairs

Chairs are an excellent accessory for quite a few exercises as they provide the height needed for appropriate resistance. Chairs are one of the best equipments for home workout. 

Exercises that can be done – plank, push-ups, tricep dips, step up and step down exercises. 

7. Bike Pumps

People who often bicycle are aware of the woes that come with soft and punctured tyres. Therefore, they are acquainted with pumps that fill the air back in the tyres. The interesting thing is that just the act of pumping air into the tyre works out a lot of muscle groups, especially your arms and shoulders. 

Bike Pumps

8. Stairs

It has been proved in numerous studies that people who take the stairs are healthier than people who don’t. Not only do they provide a good form of cardio, but they also help in building thigh and leg muscles and improve mobility in the long run. Taking the stairs also ensures people don’t develop the habit of being lazy. They keep a person’s weight in check and also pump up the blood flow to the heart, thereby also keeping it healthy and improve your mood whole day. 

9. Backpack

Another common household item that can be used as workout equipment is a weighted backpack. Just add any number of items to the bag, such as books or water bottles and proceed to walk or run with it. It will increase the number of calories burned as one the factors to calculate it is dependent on the weight of the person. It can also be added to a cycling routine to increase muscle endurance. 

10. Wall

Standing push ups, sitting squats and headstands can be done through the aid of a wall of your house. As the wall provides an immovable resistance, one can partake in a lot of standing exercises through its support. Sitting as a human chair through the support of the wall is especially beneficial for the abs, legs and back. 


11. Beds/Sofa

Last but not the least, one can also utilise their furniture to strengthen their lower body. One can push the heavy furniture from the support of their legs, hence engaging all the main muscles in the lower body. This will help build resistance in the lower body, build muscles and also burn calories at the same time as this activity also raises the heart rate. 

All the things listed in this article can help you build a pocket friendly, easy home gym. These are some of the best equipments for home workout that can be found in your home!