How Massage can Help Improve Health and Wellbeing

  • January 24, 2017
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You don’t have to rush to upscale health clubs or luxury spas to get the massage relaxation treatment, you can avail the pressure benefits anywhere- airports, hospitals, clinics or business houses. No health regimen is complete without proper massage therapies. Health and wellness is definite with improved blood circulation in the body and this is reassured when light pressure is applied on the various pressure points in the body. We call this the magic massage, read on to know how they improve well being and health:
Pain and stress:

The skin is manipulated, pressed and rubbed to relieve the tension collected in the muscles, ligaments and tendons. The light strokes or the deep pressure presses can relieve the body from pain and stress.

Energy production:

Long strokes, deep circular movements, kneading, tapping, providing vibration to the area, etc stimulate the nerves set deep within, and this leads to energetic movements and a relaxed body.

Healing muscle damage:

The strokes may be forceful and they may reach into the connective tissues and the muscles that are deep set. These strokes are used to heal the damage caused to the muscles during sports.

Loosen tight muscles:

The tight muscle fibers that are a result of overuse or an injury can be loosened with massage and the range of motion is also improved drastically with regularity of this body kneading.

Reduce inflammation and pain:

Pain and inflammation can be reduced to a great extent with corrective massage techniques.

Correction of postural abnormalities and relieving stress:

Tension or stress on the skeletal and muscular system can distort proper flow of blood to different body parts. Postural abnormalities can be corrected to a great extent and the tension relieved with corrective massage therapy.

Lower anxiety levels:

People who have a massage regularly face lower anxiety levels. Massages lower cortisol levels in the body, thus the urge to end up fighting and getting aggressive, is reduced dramatically.

Improve lower back pain:

Painful lower back pain that can cause a disturbance in normal life may be chronic or temporary. Both the states can be treated with the help of a regular massage. It’s not that the pain will disappear but it will be reduced to a great extent because of the pressure released on the nerves. The nerve fibers will get stimulated and the transmission of message to the brain will be faster.

Reduce tension headaches:

Tension headaches can often destroy normal life chores. Massages tap on the tension points and these pressure gestures help soothe the pain radiating from the back, shoulders, neck and head.

Improve depression:

People who fall a prey to depression also feel better when the tension points are manipulated by a masseur. The serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin levels of the body are improved.

Lower blood pressure:

Massages also help keep the rising blood pressure levels down and help in improving sleep. The nervous system of the body gets relaxed and rested with a deep muscle massage.