Here Are 5 Plank Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Body

  • July 11, 2022
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Weight loss is not an aesthetic demand anymore. With brands coming out in favour of free sizes, and models doing catwalks boldly on the ramps, weight loss is now more of a health concern than anything else. If weight loss is not taken seriously, heavy body weight can lead to a lot of health issues. 

What Is Plank?

While people focus more on diet particularly collagen for weight loss, a wiser approach is to use plank exercise side by side too. Plank is an effective exercise for the abdomen and core. It can easily be performed by beginners. As soon as you become a pro at the beginner level, you can set yourself up for bigger challenges, in which you might lift one of your legs and remain in the plank position for a longer interval. You might as well perform a plank with one arm lifted from the ground.

The plank exercise is also known as Hover Exercise. All you need is an exercise mat that can help you retain your position. By being on all four limbs, you take up the shape of a plank. You can either choose to perform plank on your toes or your forearms. Performing Plank exercise and at the same time maintaining a collagen-rich diet can make this journey a fruitful one. Also, you will be able to lose more pounds speedily than most people.

Many studies prove that collagen supplements create a sense of fulfilment of hunger. If you take these supplements, you will feel fully satiated and would not want to eat more food. Controlling your food intake promotes weight loss. Some studies have also proven that collagen supplements build up strong and structured muscles. They promote muscle anabolism and speed up the general process of metabolism. Collagen supplements might also influence thermogenesis in which food particles are broken down to produce energy. In this way, there is less storage of food within your body.


How Does Planking Help To Lose Weight?

The plank is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening your core, spine, arms, back, and shoulders. In other words, it assists you in engaging all of your body’s muscles from your shoulders to your toes. Thus, making weight loss easier than ever. You can easily burn two to five calories every minute by planking.

Planking tightens your abdominal muscles. In doing so it completely eradicates any signs of belly fat. Moreover, it speeds up your metabolism. This enables the fats to be shed off even when you are at rest. Planking also keeps your fat-muscle ratio in balanced proportions. It means you will be less likely attacked by obesity-related issues including high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The 5 Mistakes People Make When Performing Plank Exercise

No exercise is useful unless you perform it in the right way. Planking is a simple exercise yet people overlook the tiny things and do not get their desired results. Here are five mistakes rendered commonly by people which give them more body aches than fat burns.

1. Not Holding Your Head And Neck In Alignment

Alignment is the basic condition for an accurate plank position. When you’re in plank pose, looking up at the ceiling can strain your neck and put unnecessary pressure on it. It can cause joint pain or overstretch your muscles. When holding the pose, looking up can cause trouble. Your head and neck are not in the same line any more. It also causes your body to lose its shape and fails to activate the right muscles.

Holding Your Head and Neck in Alignment

2. Doing A Plank For Too Long

Holding the plank position for an extended period, more than 30 seconds or a minute may cause you to lose focus on your abs. You will achieve your goal by sustaining your plank position for less than thirty seconds.

If you are trying to hold on to the plank for too long, it can cause central fatigue to yourself. This fatigue is a warning from your brain saying that you have overworked your body. If you have announced a challenge with your friend or your exercise partner, the best thing is to give them and yourself a break. You can cause serious muscle fatigue and cramps to yourself and would not be able to perform for the next few days affecting your achievement even for a single day.

A much better option is to go for shorter bursts of the plank. Hold your body for fewer minutes and breathe smoothly. Give yourself rest from time to time and repeat the exercise. Choose an abs circuit workout that allows you to engage various core muscles at various angles for the best results.

3. Not Breathing

The plank exercise is not only for your abs. But the diaphragm muscles are also supposed to be brought into motion. They can be activated only when you breathe as if you are going to be punched any moment now. By breathing the right way, and involving your diaphragm, you will be increasing the intensity of the planks you are performing. Breathing deeply while fully exhaling expired air allows fresh oxygen to reach working muscles more quickly.

As a result, faster recovery and improved work capacity and core function are possible.

Not Breathing

4. Moving Your Head

We have already mentioned how important it is to keep your head and neck in a fixed alignment for this exercise. But if you are still trying to move your head here and there, you are applying pressure on your neck and straining it more than it already is being strained. This will because you more harm than good. Therefore, it is better to keep your head in one direction only; that means to face down to your exercise mat. Your head governs the overall direction of your body during the plank exercise. Make sure that it remains in a particular direction for the plank’s interval no matter how short it is.

5. Shrugging Your Shoulders

You do not have to shrug your shoulders. The method of performing the planks in the right way is to keep all your body parts in a tightened posture. You can pull and push your shoulders but if you shrug them in such a way that your abdomens and the rest of the body’s alignment are being affected, you can inflict shoulder injuries. And we all know, of all the injuries the shoulder ones are the worst. They make you feel like half your body has become invalid.

Shrugging your Shoulders


If you are performing planks and using collagen for weight loss, and check if you are doing these things in the right way or not. You need to ensure whether from an instructor or online, the accurate way to perform planks. Similarly, you can ask doctors or nutritionists to recommend you good sources of collagen whether they are natural or in form of supplements. You can expect to lose weight only if you follow the process in their recommended ways.