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Green Plumbing Tips For Sustainable Lifestyle

  • April 8, 2022
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Green living is one of the trendiest topics these days. Everyone wants to contribute their bit to saving the environment and healing the planet Earth for a better future. People are buying eco-friendly products, avoiding practices that release more carbon footprints, trying to adopt environmentally-friendly habits. However, one can increase their contribution by adopting eco-friendly home plumbing habits. These habits are associated with basic sanitation and water consumption. Possibly you may know some of the general practices. This blog covers overall sustainable lifestyle changes you should adopt for green plumbing at your home.

Tips For Green Plumbing

Let’s discuss the conscious ways to save water that does not impact your lifestyle.

1) Conscious Grooming

It is one of the basic ways to save water while brushing teeth, having shower or washing hands. You must have seen many posters, banners and hoarding talking about the same. We know that you must be aware of it but when it comes to green plumbing, the information is incomplete without this tip. 

Therefore, make sure you off the tab while brushing. Do not let the water flow when rubbing soap at your hands, and do not leave the showerhead running when you shampoo.

Conscious Grooming

2) Minimise Shower Time

We understand hot summers calls for long-duration showers. However, just think of people who are perhaps unable to take shower due to a water shortage. 

Unfortunately, due to water shortage, the distribution of water is uneven and calls for lesser shower time. Thus, if you will take a shower for the required time it can help share water with another home to fulfil their water needs.

3) Low-Flow Showerheads

Do you know? Almost 20-25% of household water consumption comes from showering. It can be easily controlled if you can regulate the flow of the shower. 

Indeed we do not need the same flow all the time. That means the water wastage is present. With low-flow showerheads, you can regulate the flow of the showerheads as per your requirement. With such showerheads, you can reduce approx 40% water consumption of your house. 

Moreover, there are two types of showers. First is non-aerating which has the small holes from where the water flows in a small amount. It seems like a water splash or massaging water spirits. The second is aerating heads, which creates a bubbly softer effect of water as the water gets combined with oxygen.

Low-Flow Showerheads

4) Control Flush Water Consumption

It may sound cliche! But someone has to say this. The water which is consumed while flushing does not get even counted. But, it is a critical part of water consumption as well. 

There are two ways you can control the consumption of flushing water.

  • Vapour toilets
  • Low-flow toilets

Primarily, the vapour toilets were made for flights and other air transports. However, when industries and environment-conscious people noticed the water consumption while flushing so they thought of using vapour toilets in households too. Although they are expensive but if you can afford them, it is a one-time investment, and these toilets are durable too as the quality is not compromised.

On the other hand, if you can not afford or not planning to change your toilet seat. You can still conserve flush water by installing a dual-button toilet. In such toilets, there are two flush buttons. One is for low water flow and another one for heavy water flow. You can use them as required.

5) Tankless Water Heaters

The tankless water heater is relatively a new product in the market. It does not have a storage tank that first gets filled(requires energy or electricity consumption) to heat the water and then gives you the hot water to consume.

Unlike normal water heaters, tankless water heaters directly give you the hot water to consume less energy electricity. That is why this product is more environmentally friendly and preferred in eco-plumbing.

Tankless Water Heaters

6) Sensor Taps

If you are one of them who forget to off the tap while brushing or lathering soap on your hands. Then it is the high time you change your behaviour. Water conservation has become a problem that needs immediate action. If you feel it may take time for you to change your habit, changing the faucet could be a better solution. 

Using a sensor tap can help avoid water wastage. Although, it uses electricity or functions with the help of batteries. Yet the consumption is minimal. The environment can bear this much electricity consumption to save water.

7) Check Pipe Leak

One of the biggest and general challenges you must face a lot of time in your house is pipe leakages. No one can do anything about it except prompt action. 

If you notice any pipe or faucet leakage. You should immediately call the plumber and get it repaired. It is one of the biggest water loss causes which can not be avoided.

Check Pipe Leak


We appreciate it if you are already following these green plumbing tips. If not, you must start following them. As we already it is a global issue that needs prompt action. Now we can not live as irresponsible citizens of the Earth. For more tips for a sustainable lifestyle, keep following our blog website.