Getting Rid of Misaligned Teeth

  • January 12, 2017
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Not many people have the perfect straight set of teeth. Many of them complain of misaligned or crooked teeth. Teeth that are misshaped can be a source of embarrassment and make chewing tricky; they need to be corrected even though the task may be expensive and difficult. The best way to get your teeth assessed is head over to the orthodontist’s clinic and take the corrective measures to get rid of misaligned teeth:

  • Braces: Teeth need to support the jaw properly and if they are misaligned they may need to be straightened with the help of braces. Whether the teeth need braces will be assessed by an orthodontist and if braces are the only option then you need to get prepared for some major expenses. You can opt out for the invisible or the visible variety of braces after a consultation with your specialist. Braces gently apply pressure on each tooth and then start to shift them into proper place. The teeth get aligned into position with time.
  • Retainers: Minor teeth problems or mildly crooked teeth can be treated with the help of retainers. You may have seen many people who have a single tooth that is misaligned often get retainers. The retainers cost lesser than the braces though you may need to have a strict cleansing routine to keep them free of food particles. You may have to tolerate some scratches on tooth enamel because the wires may rub against the teeth but keeping the area clean will help teeth shine bright and new. The misaligned teeth shapes will be resurrected for sure.
  • Clear plastic aligners: These are clear objects that are attached and stuck to the teeth. Remove them when you are going for a party as they are more like a mouth guard. You won’t have to live through the compulsion of wearing them while eating food.
  • Tongue pressure: Keep pushing your teeth into the direction you desire. Even this slight pressure applied over a long time will slowly get the teeth moving. You need patience to have this method of “teeth realignment” work. This is a good method if you have one or two crooked teeth in your oral cavity.
  • Finger pressure: You can even apply pressure on the poorly placed teeth each day to move the teeth around in the direction you would like. Just be careful that the pressure exerted is in the correct direction or else you may have to deal with some lose teeth.

Teeth help us chew food and flash an elegant smile. They are prone to damage because of the wear and tear they face daily. Your bite may be the one responsible for tooth decay and misalignment, thus it is imperative to have a connection with a qualified dentist at all times. Teeth have memory and they can shift back into their original place so it’s a must to go for maintenance visits to the dentist after you have gone through the aligning and straightening process.