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Genius Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks That Really Works

  • December 21, 2022
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There are numerous reasons to search your pantry and refrigerator for all-natural cleaners. Commercial cleaning products can aggravate allergies or harm pets, and grocery store prices are increasing at an unaffordable rate due to inflation. You can always make a cheap, organic, safe cleaner for household tasks if you have a few all-natural cleaning hacks. Positive and negative emotions can both be let out thorough cleaning.

You can feel happier and more at ease in a cleaner, more comfortable environment that has been cleared of dust, dirt, and clutter. Using inexpensive but effective DIY cleaning supplies that have the same ability to get rid of and remove dirt, germs, and viruses, on the other hand, might be more joyful and relaxing.

There are harmful chemicals in many commercial cleaning products that can neutralize surfaces and adversely affect people with sensitive bodies. Why not try the following line of organic cleaning products instead of using this product? Through the use of sustainable cleaning methods, chemical-free cleaning alternatives, and natural cleaning products, they can assist you in creating an environmentally friendly home environment. Here are six all-natural cleaning tips to make your home shine and sparkle.

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks:

1. All-Purpose Surface Spray Made At Home

Keeping your kitchen countertops clean is crucial to avoid spreading bacteria from uncooked meat to your family. Therefore, what better way to clean your worktops than with a natural technique that may be less toxic and thus safer?

Spray Made At Home

To begin, combine a liter of warm water, one tablespoon of baking soda, and 60 ml of distilled white vinegar in a bowl. To add a fresh scent to your bottle, peel a lemon and add the skin. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into your bowl and combine it with the mixture. After that, pour the mixture into your bottle using a funnel. Voila! Your all-natural spray can be used for any purpose and won’t leave streaks on your work surfaces.

You can use this natural all-purpose surface spray on the surfaces in your bathroom. Because of its low cost and acidic composition, distilled white vinegar is an excellent disinfectant for getting rid of bacteria. Lemon is a fruit with acidic properties that is also antibacterial and antiseptic, making it a natural bleach. The lemon won’t cost a fortune and will cover up the vinegar smell. Baking soda is a common ingredient in both cakes and all-natural cleaning solutions. Its slight abrasiveness aids in the removal of grease, and it can also dissolve dirt.

2. Natural Drain Cleaner

75g of baking soda and 85 ml of distilled white vinegar should be combined in a jug. You should see a fizzing reaction from this, which may remind you of a science experiment you did in school. The only investigation that will succeed is this one, though!

Natural Drain Cleaner

Pour the mixture down your drain while it is still bubbling. To prevent the medicine from escaping, quickly tape or plug the drain. Leave for the night for the best results, but even a few hours will do wonders. Pour boiling water from the kettle down the drain before using your sink to wash the solution away. You can apply this advice to your bathroom drains as well.

3. Cleaner For Extractor Fans

We are all aware that the purpose of extractor fan hoods is to house grease and grime. But were we all aware of this clever trick? To remove the accumulated dirt on your stainless steel extractor fan hood, take some cotton wool and soak it in baby oil. After removing the unpleasantness, polish the surface by removing any remaining oil residue with a dry microfiber cloth.

4. Microwave Cleaner

You’ll need a lemon on hand for this one. Each half of the lemon should be squeezed into a bowl of water that is half full. Then pour the remaining lemon juice into the bowl. Place the bowl inside the microwave and set the timer for two to three minutes or until the interior of the bowl becomes steamy.

Microwave Cleaner

It will be effortless to wipe down the inside of your microwave with a kitchen roll or a cloth without having to scrub away for what feels like an eternity, thanks to the oil in the lemon skin mixing with the steam to help loosen the built-up grime. Additionally, the lemon will aid in dispersing any lingering odors.

5. Organic Toilet Cleaner

For this one, you need to combine 115g of bicarbonate of soda and 120 ml of distilled white vinegar. Again, add some essential oils to the toilet to make it smell nice. Since only a few drops of your preferred essential oil are required, they are economical. You would only need to add about 10 to 15 drops.

Pour your natural toilet cleaner into the toilet, making sure it coats the sides, after flushing the toilet to wet the bowl. If you let the solution sit for several hours, you can use it to deep clean. Wait a few minutes, scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush, and flush the toilet if you need a quick fix.

6. Mildew Remover

It’s only sometimes necessary to purchase a new shower curtain when you notice mildew growth on the existing one. Try this trick to return your shower curtain to its former, mildew-free glory. Put the shower curtain in the washer, add 115g of baking soda to the detergent, and start the washer on the warm cycle.

Mildew Remover

Next, add 115ml of distilled white vinegar before the rinse cycle starts. The vinegar and baking soda will combine to remove the mildew from the shower curtain. Before reusing your shower curtain after removing it from the washer, allow it to dry completely. This advice illustrates how conventional cleaning products complement natural cleaning techniques to keep your home immaculate.

Wrapping Up

Using these tips will help you do more housework while spending less money. These suggestions demonstrate how you can still practice environmental responsibility by combining conventional cleaning supplies with natural cleaning techniques for the sparkliest and cleanest results since going completely honest can be quite a commitment. You might enjoy cleaning if you can simulate chemical reactions in the kitchen sink. Enjoying cleaning is too romantic, but with these simple natural cleaning tips, you can tolerate it.