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Foods You Should Avoid To Boost Your Metabolism

  • January 9, 2022
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People think if someone is willing to lose weight, then only one has to take care of its metabolic rate. However, that’s not true. Metabolism is the chemical that helps break out foods into energy. So, if you have a bad metabolic rate, you will not get enough energy from the food you consume that eventually leads to an increase in body fats. That is why it is said that metabolism helps reduce weight. Since it provides energy, you must be cautious of what you are eating? Do not consume foods that slow down your metabolism. If said that, let’s discuss some foods to not have if you are boosting your metabolism.

What Foods Slow Down Metabolism?

If you also think about how to stop metabolism slowing down? Stopping or reducing the consumption of the below foods is the answer.

1. Refined Grains

These grains (pasta, pizza, white rice) are the complex carbs that take much more energy to break food into energy as compared to simple carbs (brown rice, quinoa, wheat, oats). These carbs are hard to digest and damage the insides. Moreover, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has stated in their study that simple carbs give fewer calories to the body. When metabolism burns calories, it burns more calories than consumed, which aids weight loss.

Refined Grains

2. Alcohol

Sometimes not the thing, its quantity is the villa. Same with alcohol. Alcohol will not do any harm to the healthy body if it’s consumed adequately. For instance, a woman should not drink more than one drink, and a man should not exceed two drinks in one sitting. Alcohol does not only add more kilos to your weight, but it also reduces the fat-burning ability to a great extent. So if you are working on your metabolic rate, you must stop or reduce consuming alcohol. 

3. Conventional Foods

Conventional foods contain pesticides that are harmful to overall health. In addition, there is one pesticide called “organochlorines” which reduces your metabolism rate. Not only this, the presence of organochlorines in the mother’s bloodstream affects the child as it slows down its birth rate, according to a study in Spain. Therefore, always check before buying if the foods are grown with pesticides; avoid purchasing them. 

Conventional Foods

4. Traditional Yoghurt

Traditional yoghurts have little to no protein that reduces the protein intake in the body. The body compensates for the essential nutrients by breaking down the muscles. Less muscle mass leads to slower metabolism and further weight loss. In addition, traditional yoghurts are simple carbs with high sugars which get digested easily and quickly, resulting in increased sugar levels, inducing more hunger and cravings.

5. Fruit Juice

Indeed fruit juices are really good for health until being drunk naturally without any preservatives or sugars. When you consume beverages with high sugar, it affects your energy balance. Your metabolism will get slow, and the body will start storing fats as the metabolism will not function properly. 

Fruit Juice

6. Soda

Sodas are made sweet with fructose corn syrup which contains high levels of fructose. Unlike glucose, fructose does not metabolise directly into energy, making the metabolism slower. In 2010, as per the review in the journal Current Hypertension Reports, fructose is connected with metabolic disorders. 

7. Restaurant Fried Food

Restaurant foods are fried in trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils. It affects the metabolism adversely until it is a hit from a virtual standstill. Researchers and doctors advise eating foods made with monounsaturated fats. According to the report from NCBI, trans fats are not doing any good for our bodies. Their consumption not only increases the weight but also raises the chance of cardiovascular attacks too. Many countries have banned the sale and consumption of trans fats. So if you are from a country where trans fat oils are still consumed, better you avoid such foods for a good metabolic rate.

Restaurant Fried Food

8. Farmed Beef

Harvard researchers claim that having a high animal protein diet can affect the body by raising the bacterias in the gut that slows down the metabolism. Non-organically nourished and farmed cattle are treated with antibiotics which increases the effect of the gut bacteria. Therefore, balance your diet in the sense that you do not eat foods with high animal proteins.

9. Frozen Meals

Frozen meals are loaded with trans fats, sugar, and sodium in the form of hydrogenated oils that slows down metabolism. Such foods have preservatives too to keep them fresh for longer durations. You should take fresh food. If not available, go for salad or fruits but not frozen meals. It will lower your metabolism rate.

Frozen Meals

10. Regular Sea Salt

You must be sure which salt you are having. Sea salts are not iodized. An adequate amount of iodine is essential for our body to not make our thyroids impaired. If your thyroids will not function properly, your fat burning capacity will reduce due to slow metabolism.


If you think now you can not have your favourite pasta, fried food or anything that is listed above so that’s just not true! You can eat anything but within the limits. Try making a diet chart where you specify your cheat days. FYI, cheat days are essential too. Eating in a pattern becomes monotonous at a certain level. It reduces cravings and gives mental break from a diet. Do not worry! Having a systematic cheat day (no overeating or overconsumption of calories) will make you happy which is the most important thing to stay healthy. Also, you must try doing some exercises daily that boosts metabolism and keep you energised the entire day. For more information on diet and nutrition, keep following our website regularly.