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Floor Yoga Poses That You Can Do It On Your Bed

  • June 15, 2022
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Yoga is an amazing way to tone your body and keep it flexible. This we know but not our sweet little heart who doesn’t want to leave the cozy blanket and its inviting bed. That is why many of us feel lazy to wake up in the morning and leave the bed for yoga. 

Well, what if we say you don’t need to leave your bed to keep your body flexible, healthy, and toned? Now the blog has become interesting. Isn’t it? :p

In this blog, we have listed some floor yoga poses that you can do at home, on your bed. 

Floor Yoga Poses For All Lazy Bees We Have

You can do it right after waking up or anytime in the day. Before doing these yoga poses, warm up your body by twisting your neck, wrist, and ankles.

1. Sleeping Swan

This one is done to open up your hips as many people carry stress and repressed emotions in this area of the body. It is also known as ‘pigeon yoga.’

Bend one knee to the front with the lower leg perpendicular to the body. Stretch the opposite leg at the back. Let your upper body remain upright with a mild backend or drape over your forward leg as opening those hips.

Sleeping Swan

2. Child’s Pose

As the name suggests, you have to make your body rest in a recommended posture. First, sit at your heels and with wide spread knees (as wide as possible). Extend your arms, and let your forehead fall on your mattress. 

This pose is beneficial for the ones who suffer persistent backaches. It stretches your spine, thighs, ankles, and hips. Moreover, it relaxes your whole body and releases your stress. Last but not the least, it improves your mood.

3. Single-Leg Forward Fold

It offers a great stretch to your back legs, from the glutes to the hamstrings. Then, it stretches your calves and the side body – from the armpits to the ribcage to your hips. It then stimulates good digestion as it massages internal organs with concentrated breath. 

Stretch your one leg forward while crossing the other leg. Let your arms stretch and reach your stretched leg (keeping your back straight). Stretch both sides as long as you can. (at least 30-40 seconds). Perform this yoga pose 5 times a day. 

Single-Leg Forward Fold

4. Forward Fold

It is similar to the single-leg forward fold. There is just one difference. In the forward fold, you stretch both your legs to the front. Rest everything is as it is done in a single-leg forward fold. 

This yoga poses stretches your shoulders, spine, and hamstrings. Also, it stimulates the kidney, liver, ovaries, and uterus. Moreover, it helps in great digestion.

5. Happy Pose

The happy pose is named as happy pose because it calms your mind, and stretches out the lips. Reduce anxiety, mental tiredness, and stress. Also, it lengthens the spine, improves body posture, etc. 

Just sit in an upright position and stretch your legs in front of you. Now, fold your left leg and tuck your right leg inside the left thigh. Till now your posture has been considered straight. Then, keep your palms on the knees and block your knees with your spine erect. 

Happy Pose

6. Cat Pose

Sit down on your knees and place your palms in front of you. Get on all fours. First, inhale, curve your spine and then, look up. Stay in this position for 1-2 seconds. Now, exhale, curve your spine and form an arch. Further, look downwards while focusing on the gaze on your chest. 

This entire process from inhale to exhale completes one cycle. Perform 5-10 reps of this pose daily for better mental health and good stretching of back and neck muscles. 

7. Supine Single-leg Stretch

This yoga pose is really good for thigh toning. Also, it stabilizes abdominal muscles, helps in building torso strength, stabilizes the spine, and improves blood circulation.

Lie on your back and stretch one leg towards the sky. Now, try reaching your toes, holding the calves, or you can also wrap a strap or towel around your foot in order to increase your motion range. 

Alternatively, you can take your leg to the sides to move into your hips. 

Single-leg Stretch

About These Yoga Poses

Yoga is really good for the body. Even if you ask for the best workout for body toning and to make your body flexible. You must opt for yoga. The good thing is these are not warm-up yoga poses. These poses work on your entire body. However, you can use them as a warm-up to signal your body to go away from the bed and perform more energized exercises. 

The Bottom Line

Use these yoga poses to keep your body fit, energized, and active. Also, yoga is a natural workout method that involves fewer risks of injuries, unlike gyming or other exercise ways.