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Fabulous Green Kitchen Countertop Choices You Must Consider

  • August 4, 2022
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Believe us, choosing the right countertop is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. Your sense of style and lifestyle will determine what kind of countertop is right for your home, and it is an investment you want to last for years. Every type of green kitchen countertop has pros and cons in terms of hardness and durability and heat and stain resistance.

Here are all the different types of eco-friendly countertops for kitchens you can choose from, whether your kitchen is traditional, modern farmhouse, or contemporary. You can save Mother Nature a lot of work when you select a green countertop. Let’s dive into the topic –

Types Of Eco-Friendly Countertops For Kitchens

1. Lapitec Sintered Stone

If you want to renovate your kitchen, you probably need to start revamping your kitchen counter. The composition of Lapitec contains little to no crystalline silica, unlike engineered quartz and granite. Crystalline silica has become a growing concern for workers in the industry as it becomes toxic when inhaled in the form of dust during the manufacturing process. In contrast, the sintered stone is created when natural minerals are exposed to extreme pressure and temperature. Lapitec’s sintered stone requires no binding agents, inks, or dyes. As a result, it has almost no pores and is 100% recyclable and color stable.

Lapitec resists heat and scratches, as well as acid and alkalis; hence, it is more durable and long-lasting. No or zero pores make it impossible for the moisture clogs, resulting in bacterial resistance.

Care And Maintenance: Spills can be wiped up immediately with Lapitec since it is nonporous. Sealing or unique cleaning products are not required.

Lapitec Sintered Stone

2. Altrock Solid Surface

Altrock is created by mixing the byproducts of marble manufacturing, i.e., marble dust, chips, and chunks, with pigmented resin. A wax oil that dries to a matte finish is applied to the slabs after they are cast by hand in all shapes and sizes. Marble chunks are enhanced by the wax finish, which deepens and highlights the veining. Altrock’s wax finish produces a durable, waterproof finish that resists stains and is heat resistant.

Care And Maintenance: Taking care of Altrock is similar to taking care of marble. Acidic spills must be wiped up immediately. Always use soapy water or a light multipurpose cleaner to clean. Do not use bleach.

3. IceStone

Among recycled countertops, IceStone is the most popular. These are manufactured without any petrochemicals or resins, making them an environmentally responsible choice for countertops. These are available in 21 shades of colors and are porous in structure. Hence, need to be sealed twice a year.

Care And Maintenance: Taking care of an IceStone countertop is similar to that of natural stone. You have to make sure that no spillage is left as it is on the surface. It’s mandatory to clean the spilled substance immediately so that it won’t leave any marks on the countertop. 


4. Eco By Cosentino

The Eco by Cosentino flooring is made from 75 percent postindustrial or post-consumer materials, making it a Cradle to Cradle Silver and Greenguard certified product.

Care And Maintenance: Because its surface is nonporous, it does not require sealants, making it a low-maintenance material. For those who prefer Technicolor, Eco might be too dull; Cosentino sticks to neutrals: whites, greys, and blacks.

5. Caesarstone Recycled

For those who don’t want to replace our countertops every few years, a lifetime warranty is a perfect choice, and Caesarstone offers one to residential customers.

Care And Maintenance: Its nonporous surface and Greenguard certification give Caesarstone substance. It is sturdy. Hence, there’s not much need to worry if any heavy falls on the countertop. It won’t break or crack.

Caesarstone Recycled

6. Bamboo Countertops

There is no sharp edge to the bamboo countertops, so they are easy to look at. If you chop directly on the surface, this is the only material that won’t damage your knives, nor will it damage the surface. But you should keep in mind that bamboos are more susceptible to stains. Therefore, people who can be extra careful with their usage should prefer this material.

Care And Maintenance: You must be extra careful with the spillage of things and always keep the cleaning sponge handy. Along with this, bamboo countertops are easily breakable. You can opt for Teragren’s bamboo countertops for a more robust strand line.

7. Paperstone

This product is made of 100 percent post-consumer paper that has been fused with a petroleum-free resin that comes from cashew liquid.

This material is easier to handle than stone because it is more similar to wood. The benefit of this countertop is you don’t need a specialist to install it. Those who do their work alone can even install the surface independently. 

Care And Maintenance: You may not have bleach in your home if you install eco-friendly countertops. However, a spill left unattended will leave a light, ghostly impression on your countertop. Therefore, you should clean all the food remains immediately.


8. Bio-Glass

Bio glass is one of the best eco-friendly countertops for kitchens. All the glass shades available are made with 100 percent recycled glass, and each shade represents a single waste stream, such as flat glass, water bottles, wine bottles, or beer bottles. This material is not-so-useful for people looking for more affordable options because it costs somewhere near $100 per square foot for just the material.

Care And Maintenance: The best part of bio glass countertops is soda, red wine, bleach, coffee, tea, juice, and mustard. Whatever the material, it won’t leave a single stain on it. Therefore, you don’t have to expend energy or money on its maintenance.

9. Squak Mountain Stone

Originally, Squak was a graduate school project on sustainable design. A low-carbon cement and recycled paper composite are used to bind the hand-cast slabs together.

With its rough edges and comely imperfections, this stonelike material captivates anyone. But the thing to remember about these Green kitchen countertops is that they are pretty delicate to handle. If you chop anything directly on the surface, there are chances that you may see some dents and scratches over it.

Care And Maintenance: These Squak Mountain Stone countertops must be maintained with extreme care. Any spillage should be wiped out immediately to prevent stains. 

Squak Mountain Stone


If you wish to switch to eco-friendly kitchen countertops, you should remember that you will have to be extra careful while working, as some are susceptible to stains and are pretty delicate.

All the things listed in this article can help you build a pocket-friendly, Kitchen Countertop. Also, these are some of the Green Plumbing Tips For Sustainable Lifestyle that can help you in home renovation!