Exercises To Boost Metabolism

Effective Daily Exercises To Boost Your Metabolism

  • December 31, 2021
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Metabolism has a simple and basic concept; it controls the rate of fat burn in your body. So if you want to increase the speed of fat burn, you will have to increase your metabolism anyway. Though it sounds simple, it is not a piece of cake in reality. You need to be really healthy and physically active to increase your metabolism. One of the ways is to exercise, to increase metabolism naturally.

There are many more ways to increase metabolism, but doing exercise boosts the metabolism quickly and show results faster than any other way like diet and drinks. Also, some lucky souls are reading this blog who have a good metabolism that does not make them suffer from weight gain issues more often. Having a favourable metabolism rate doesn’t mean you do not need to work out. It is still important to maintain good metabolism. Therefore, eating healthy and doing the suggested exercises can improve your health and boost your metabolism.

Exercises That Boosts Your Metabolism Rate

Let’s discuss some easy exercises that accelerate the fat burning rate of your body. 

1. Sprinter Burpees

Usually, trainers ask to do the burpees for 2-3 minutes but if you are aiming for a metabolism increase, try burpees for about 30minutes that will skyrocket your metabolism rate. 

Sprinter Burpees

How To: 

– Keep your hands on the floor, kick your feet backwards

– Slowly bring your chest down towards the ground

– Bring your feet forward and jump with your hands in the air in a sprinters position

– Try to kick your knees toward your face and kick your butt with your back heel

– Alternate the front leg with each jump. 

2. Dumbbell Crusher

Muscles use more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism works. ~ Hannah Eden.

With the same logic, dumbbell crusher seems to be a significant exercise one should add to their workout routine.

How To: 

  • If you are working out at home, you must have dumbbells to begin.
  • Your posture should be, your feet must be apart at a hip-to-shoulder width. 
  • Hold dumbbells at your sides, start dumbbell squats
  • While you are at the base of your active curl, do one biceps curl here.
  • Stand up, thrust your hips forward
  • Press dumbbell overhead into a shoulder press
  • Once the arms are above your head, bring dumbbells together, and do one triceps extension. Keep elbows tucked in.
  • Lower the dumbbells and repeat.

While doing this exercise, focus on engaging the core and curbing the movement.

3. Running Lunges

Getting into a shape, maintaining the ideal body size and weight isn’t an easy task. One needs to come of out its comfort zone to exercise. Running lunges is one of the examples of it. It’s tough in the beginning but really effective to increase metabolic rate. 

Running Lunges

How To:

  • Start with the right foot in the front, left knee on the floor at the backside
  • You must maintain a 90-degree posture between the back of your knee and the front of your hip.
  • The front knee should be on top of the ankle and the back knee under your hip
  • Get your back knee into a high-knee position and right foot off the floor.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat. 
  • Tip: Do not jump; try to step up.

4. Jumping Knee Up-Downs

This exercise is mandatory and convenient to speed up the metabolic rate and burn calories. In the beginning, you may feel its difficult to perform but once you will start practising it daily, it will be fun.

How To: 

  • Start in a squats position, lower your knee to the floor, step back in a reverse lunge
  • Lower another knee to the floor
  • Step the feet back, only one at a moment
  • Add explosive jump & get back to the squat position.

5. Mountain Climbers

A complete muscular exercise for the entire body’s shaping and toning. The more you will do this exercise, the more your metabolism will increase naturally.

Mountain Climbers

How To:

  • Take a pushup-plank position (hands on the floor, directly under your shoulders; hips parallel to the ground; and feet together at the back)
  • Run your knees vigorously to your chest with alternating legs with each rep. 

Tip: Do not let your hips raise and keep your shoulder over your wrists.

6. Fire-Feet Drill

Increased heart rate means the heart will pump more nutrient and oxygen-rich blood that directly boosts the metabolism. It can be achieved with the fire-feet drill in no time. 

How To:

  • Start with a posture where your feet are wider in position than your shoulders, and slightly bend your hips behind.
  • Run as fast as you can on your feet balls
  • Do a tuck jump or a jump squat, after every 10 seconds
  • Get back to the starting position again. 

7. Zumba

Zumba is one of the most entertaining workouts one can do. It’s highly intense and helps a lot to burn body fats. Zumba is all about sustained motion that increases the stamina to do harder and stronger workouts that boost metabolism. You can also combine Zumba with your cardio routine to keep switching high to low-intensity workouts. 

If you are unaware of the Zumba dance style, you can check for Zumba Tutorials on YouTube.



We want you to know that the best time to exercise to boost metabolism; is in the early morning. Especially with an empty stomach, it cuts down the stored fats and increases the metabolism at a good rate. You will be able to see changes in your body shape very soon if you rigorously do these exercises daily. Moreover, you must know what foods reduce the metabolism rate as those will lessen the impact of workouts.