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Easy To Make Homemade Drinks To Burn Fat

  • January 7, 2022
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Being overweight and obese are common these days. Many people face challenges in losing weight and burning fat. Even after hours of exercise, sometimes it becomes difficult to reduce weight. Do you know why? Because our body needs the right amount of liquid intake with healthy ingredients and a proper diet. We fulfil the diet requirements but, what about the liquid intake, the natural drinks that help reduce fats? We forget to offer those drinks to our bodies.

We have listed down easy to make natural drinks to burn fat at home. Also, there is a bonus piece of information waiting for you at the end of the blog, do not forget to grab it. 

Wait, wait… Before we jump on the drinks and their recipes, there is something essential for weight loss i.e., water. 

Facts have proven that water increases the metabolism rate by 25% after 30-40 minutes of consumption. Therefore, if you are willing to reduce weight so you must be hydrated all the time. 

Homemade Drinks To Burn Fat

Now that you are aware that drinks can help reduce weight, you must try these drinks in your daily routine.

Apple Cider Vinegar With Berries And Lemon

As we all know, apple cider vinegar is famous for its weight loss benefit, so the blog on drinks for weight loss could not be completed without apple cider vinegar. Berries are filled with nutrients and are cholesterol-free. The presence of antioxidants and vitamin C makes lemon good for weight loss.


2tsp berries

– 1tsp lemon juice

– 1tsp apple cider vinegar

– 1tsp honey (if required)

How To Make:

– Add berries of your choice in a cup, mash them

– Add honey, if you want it to taste sweet

– Extract lemon juice, and pour it in the cup with apple cider vinegar

– Mix all the ingredients for a minute and then consume.

Apple Cider Vinegar With Berries

Cinnamon Raw Honey Mix

Although the drink is for overall weight loss, it especially works for belly fat reduction. It really works. You must have it early in the morning for better results.


– 2tsp cinnamon

– 1tsp honey

– 1 cup lukewarm water

How To Make:

– Heat water and add cinnamon into it.

– Let it cool down, add honey to it and mix it well. It is ready to drink.

Cumin Water

Cumin helps improve digestion and increases your metabolism. If you have a healthy digestive system and good metabolism, it will eventually reduce your weight. Also, it regulates the insulin from the body that burns the fat.


– 1tsp cumin

– 1 ½ Water

How To Make:

– Boil the water, add cumin to it

– Let the water boil on the sim flame and drink it warm

– This drink gradually impacts the body and helps burn fat.

Dark Chocolate Coffee

Wow! The combination of dark chocolate and coffee could be a part of your diet, did you just feel lucky about it too, or is it just us? Dark chocolate reduces the hunger craving that helps in eating less and eventually reduces weight. Whereas coffee has an element called chlorogenic acid, that boost your weight loss process


– 250ml water

– ½tsp flaxseeds

– ½ grated dark chocolate

– 1tsp black coffee

How To Make:

– Heat water and add black coffee to it

– Mix it with flaxseeds

– Stir the ingredients and then coat it with dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate Coffee

Ginger Lemon Water

Lemon juice and ginger when mixed; it boosts the metabolism that eventually helps in losing weight. You can have this drink early in the morning or in the evening before snacks.


– 1 cup water

– ¾ tsp cumin powder

– 1-inch ginger root

How To Make:

-Cut ginger into small pieces

-Add it in the blender with clod water, blend it until becomes smooth

-Pour ginger water into a glass

-Add lime juice and cumin powder and mix all the ingredients well before consuming.

Pineapple And Cinnamon Drink

Pineapple has soluble and insoluble fibres that aid weight loss. Cinnamon is rich in fibres too, which reduces body fat. Hence, their mixture becomes a fibre-rich drink for weight loss.


– Black salt

– ½ tsp cinnamon powder

– 2 ½ lime juice

– 1 ½ cup of pineapple

How To Make:

– Blend the small pieces of pineapple until it becomes smooth.

– Add lime juice and cinnamon to pineapple juice. Sprinkle the black salt as per your taste buds, mix it well. It’s ready.

– You must have this empty stomach for better results.

Pineapple And Cinnamon Drink

Black Tea

It is too healthy to not be avoided. Black tea comes with a bunch of weight loss benefits that one can not afford to avoid. It changes the gut bacteria, lowers triglyceride levels, reduces calories intake, and boosts metabolism that aid weight loss.


– Tea leaves

– Sugar or honey

– Water

How To Make:

– Boil the water on a low flame

– Add tea leaves into the boiling water

– When it starts spreading the aroma of tea leaves, add sugar to it

– Let it boil on the low flame for a 30 seconds 

– Put it in the cup and drink.

– If you are fond of milk tea, this could be a healthy replacement for it. 


You are all set to bring the change within with these easy to make drinks for weight loss. The bonus which we were talking about at the beginning of the blog was. These drinks not only reduces your body weight but regularly detoxify your body that helping to get rid of acne too. If you drink any of these drinks regularly and stay hydrated, you will feel the internal change in your health as well.