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Creative Ways To Utilize Used Coffee Grounds At Home

  • March 21, 2022
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If you are a coffee lover too, then you must be filling your bins with lots of coffee grounds daily. Well, what if we tell you there are many uses for used coffee grounds at home. It will not only save your pockets but also prevent the landfills from getting extra coffee grounds. 

Take a sip of your favourite coffee and have a look at how you can reuse them at your home  and feel proud to have a sustainable lifestyle that helps the Earth to live more and healthier. 

Smart Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds

1) Coffee Grounds In Composting

The well-known reuse is composting. Many of you may even know about it but missing it would not be fair with the composting process. 

While making coffee, the acidic properties drain out of it making them perfect for composting. Moreover, they have a C:N ratio of 20 or 25:1 (C refers to carbon dioxide and N refers to nitrogen) which makes them suitable without any fret. 

It is observed that compost piles that are produced with coffee grounds release 40% less greenhouse gases and are considered the highest quality compost. 

Coffee Grounds In Composting

2) Use Of Coffee Grounds In Vermicompost

Where normal composting is done outdoors, vermicomposting is basically for indoors in small containers. The organic materials do most of the work as they are fed to worms and further decomposition takes place. 

The small worms do a great job to create black gold that is extra rich in nutrients. Its the best organic material to feed worms to perform their jobs. 

It often dry up quickly, be sure they stay wet at the time of vermicomposting.

3) Burnt Coffee Grounds Pushes Back Mosquitoes

If you are done with the blood-sucking bees such as mosquitoes, it could be the best way to repel them. 

First of all, dry and make their pits. Place those pits in the clay pot or aluminium foil. Burn it properly and let the smoke do its work to give you relief from mosquitoes. 

Be cautious if you are in a fire-prone area.

4) Burnish Pans And Pots

If you experience grimes and gunk often on your utensils. Sprinkle some on the dirt spots during dishwashing. The coffee grounds will work as a smooth scrubber for those stubborn dirt spots. 

You can use it for dishwashing in case you run out of a dishwasher. It will serve as an organic dishwasher without chemicals.

Burnish Pans and Pots

5) Garbage Disposal Deodorizer

Garbage smells are common yet intolerant yet embarrassing. You must have tried many ways to banish the garbage smell but it still comes back. However, lemons do the work properly but you may need to squeeze a lemon a day which could be hectic.

Well, probably you can make coffee ground deodorizer tablets to prevent the bin’s smell.

Add already used coffee grounds in Epsom salt and baking soda. Mix them well and make their tablets. Put them around the bin and get rid of the toxic smell of garbage bins.

6) Fix Scratched Furniture

Usually, furniture gets scratches that make them look old and make you feel awkward when someone visits your place. To get a permanent treatment for your furniture scratches, rub used coffee grounds on the scratches and let it dry on the furniture. The oils present in it will penetrate those scrapes giving a new look to your furniture. 

After it instils the oils in the furniture, wipe the remaining coffee grounds. 

7) Keeps The Cut Flower Fresh Longer

Cut flowers can not stay fresh longer if only dependent on the water. Let’s talk practical, they will anyways lose their freshness one day but if you still want them to last long, you will need some flower food (must be an additional cost). 

If you want to save your money and also the flowers. We have an option of using used coffee grounds. They work as natural flower food and keep them fresh for a longer time. 

Do change the water every alternate day to avoid damage to the glass vase.

Keeps The Cut Flower Fresh Longer

8) A Trap For The Cockroaches

As we all know, cockroaches love human food, as do coffee grounds. However, this work as a trap for them. 

Take a jar half-filled with water and add moistened coffee grinds in it. Keep them in the areas where you feel the most cockroaches are present in your home. They will get attracted to the jar and climb into the jar. Once they get in, they will be unable to escape from it. Now you can throw them out far away from your house.

9) Anti-Flea Coffee Grounds

Its not only helping you to stay naturally and organically. It is helping your loving pet to get rid of blood-sucking fleas too. 

Sprinkle it on your pet’s fur and wait for a while to get it settled. After that, comb your pet’s fur. You will get surprised that all the fleas will come on the comb.

Rather, the fleas will not try to come at your pet’s fur lately due to the smell of used coffee grounds which is intolerant for them. 

10) Coffee Grounds Soap

If you love coffee too much, you can make daily use products out of it such as soaps. Take your regular soap (big bar) and cut it into 4 equal pieces. Put it along with used coffee grounds and microwave it for about 40 seconds. Once it melts properly and appears slightly thick. Switch off the microwave. Stir the mixture for about 2-3 minutes. Freeze the mixture in a likewise shape. Your used soap is ready.

The regular use of this soap could prevent fine lines, dark spots and early ageing signs.

Coffee Grounds Soap

In The Last

Coffee grounds come in maximum houses, so why not give them another purpose? These smart ways to reuse can help you transform your lifestyle into sustainable living. Likewise, you can find many ways of reusing daily waste and contributing to healing the earth. For more information and tips on sustainable living, keep visiting our website.