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COVID-19 Cosmetic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

  • July 3, 2020
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It is only normal to have plenty of questions about the state of cosmetic surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Southern Aesthetic was recently given the go-ahead to start doing elective and cosmetic surgeries again after being forced to shut down for several months. While this is an unprecedented situation, people are leaving lockdown wanting to get cosmetic surgery done and we are seeing a huge increase in demand. Before you get in touch with our talented team of all-female surgeons, check out our frequently asked questions concerning the novel coronavirus pandemic.

1) Will I be able to get a plastic surgery procedure done?

Yes, you can.Thanks to the small amount of COVID-19 cases in New South Wales, we have been allowed to begin consultations and surgeries again. We are operating as normal for the time being, although being cautious as well.

2) Due to COVID-19, is there an increased health risk having cosmetic surgery?

The short answer is no. Currently, the risk of getting COVID-19 during surgery is negligible due to how low the rate is currently in NSW. We are also taking every step possible to make our facility safe and adhering to all government guidelines, which you can read below. You won’t have to worry about getting the novel coronavirus before or after your operation. This is all possible due to the government’s swift response and citizens making sure to obey social distancing measures.

3) What safety practices are being implemented in light of COVID-19?

In order to make sure that having cosmetic surgery is completely safe during the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are implementing many safety practices and are making changes to how we operate. Everyone inside our facility from patients to employees are practicing social distancing. Our employees also wear masks and gloves while working and we provide masks to any patient that wishes to wear one. We are also cleaning all of our surfaces for viruses, do a temperature check before anyone enters, and do screening interviews over the phone. Anybody that enters our facility will be just as healthy as they leave it and there is no risk of contracting the virus.

Southern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

4) What procedures can be currently done?

Any procedure that we normally offer is currently available. The NSW Health has allowed us to fully open up in that regard and this includes non-surgical options such as injectables. We offer everything from tummy tucks to face and breast lifts, so make sure to check out the rest of our site for the wide variety of operations that are available. We are happy to be helping Australians improve their body and outlook on life.

5) When should I get in touch?

You should reach out immediately due to the high demand. We already have a backlog of patients due to COVID-19, so if you want to have an operation done in either the winter or spring, you should call us today for a consultation booking. There is still a limitation on the numbers of surgeries we can currently do, in order to stay prepared if a second outbreak of COVID-19 occurs, so get your operation locked in early.