Common Home Remedies Backed By Ayurveda Medical Science

  • June 22, 2022
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Ayurveda is the oldest medical system which the world got from Ancient India. The ideology of the Ayurveda medical system is that the human being is the creation of nature. Thus, all medical conditions can be healed with natural remedies. Some health conditions do require proper Ayurvedic treatment. However, there are many health problems which can be solved by home remedies backed by Ayurveda. 

In this blog, we have collated home remedies that really work and help you recover soon from your common lifestyle issues and prevent major health problems like cancer, depression, kidney failure, etc.

Home Remedies Trusted By Ayurvedic Medical Sciences

You remember your grandma suggesting you steam when you had cold and ginger tea at times of indigestion. All these advices are practical and backed by one of the oldest medical systems, Ayurveda. Let’s discuss some of the most famous home remedies that really work. 

1. Ginger

It works differently, isn’t it? So if you are one of those not so good with home remedies’ person, you must try ginger once when you feel nausea or morning sickness. It works amazingly for cough, cold and sore throat. 

You just need to boil it with water and drink it everyday. Or else, you can grate the ginger and it in your cup of tea. If you are not so friendly with ginger, you can also buy ginger tea powder for everyday use. It will improve your immunity and prevent sore throat or cold and cough.

For the best result, try drinking special ginger tea


Ginger Tea Recipe

  • Grate ½” raw ginger
  • Boil 2 cups of water along with ginger
  • Let it boil for 5-10mins
  • Add lemon juice and honey as per taste. 

It is one of the great detox drinks you can have everyday. Almost no side effects. Rest if you are allergic to some specific thing, so avoid adding it. 

Please note, do not add sweetener like sugar or any other artificial sweet.

2. Shiitake

The shiitake mushroom’s extract, lentinan, is a great home remedy that promotes antioxidants and anti-inflammation effects at a cellular level. The extract is also known as AHCC or active hexose correlated compound. 

According to the petri dish study, AHCC can inhibit the breast cancer cells and it interacts with the immune system to fight against cancer. People who go for chemo-therapy must know that AHCC improves the chemo-weakened immune systems.

There is one study which states that eating 5-10g shiitake mushrooms everyday can improve the human immune system after four weeks. 


3. Turmeric

Almost all Indian households use turmeric as a pain reliever and the very first thing to offer for injury or wound recovery. Due to the presence of antioxidant properties, it fights with cell oxidants and reduces the oxidative stress on the body. 

It is highly consumed in the milk and works well for wounds and injuries. 

P.S. – try to get the raw turmeric and extract its juice for better and faster recovery. 

The list of turmeric benefits doesn’t end here. Turmeric is good for people with arthritis pain and it works well as a pain reliever for the patients with knee osteoarthritis.

4. Eucalyptus Oil

This essential oil is well known as a remedy for nasal congestion. Even if you are a fan of Vicks VapoRub for congestion, you are basically inhaling the eucalyptus oil majorly. Almost 1.2% eucalyptus oil is added in the formula to make it effective. Moreover, one can experience relief in pain by just smelling the eucalyptus oil. And, it is a great mind-relaxing oil extract too. 

Eucalyptus oil has this component called 1,8-cineole which perhaps relieves pain. It has a morphine-like effect when tested on mice.

However, not every human body is welcoming of eucalyptus oil. First of all, it is nor good for asthma patients. Second of all, it could be harmful for your pets and may lead to respiratory issues to infants. DO not inhale it before consulting the doctor. 

Eucalyptus Oil

5. Lavender

Now that we have raised the topic of mental health, let’s talk about a home remedy for depression and anxiety. If you experience anxiety, mood swings, or having a depression disorder. First of all, there is no need to panic as you do not have something serious. You can work to get rid of it. 

Studies have shown that lavender helps

  • To get relief from migraine pain
  • Lowering your anxiety
  • Relaxes your mind and works on memory troubles and distressed sleep

Either you can develop a habit of having lavender tea everyday or using oil diffusers with lavender oil. It really pleases your mind and keeps your mood uplifted. 

In The End

While having these home remedies, you will realize that your body is getting detoxed. Your immune system and metabolism rate will also increase as all these remedies work for various organs and help you live a healthy life. 

Most importantly, all these remedies can be incorporated in daily life.