Brain Cancer: Symptoms & Causes that You Need to Know

  • January 30, 2017
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Brain cancer is rarely seen but it is very dangerous and can be life threatening. Brain tumours are normally diagnosed late because the symptoms show up as everyday ailments and are often ignored. That nagging headache and fatigued out feeling is common in people but there may be serious underlying symptoms that are often ignored. Learn more about symptoms.


  • Everyone has a headache once in a while but when the headache is persistent and refuses to go away it may be because of brain tumour. These persistent headaches tend to worsen over time and are especially bad when the patient wakes up after sleeping the whole night. This is probably because of the high intra-cranial pressure.The size of the tumour has nothing to do with the pain generally as a small tumour that is spreading fast can cause same pain as a large tumour. Notice any kind of change in headache pattern. You need to be alert especially if the headache is not responding to over the counter treatments.
  • Unexplained vomiting or nausea and vision complaints may be an indicator for brain cancer. Blurred vision, partial vision loss, double vision or other related complaints need to be assessed right away.
  • Be careful and notice the elocution style of the patient. Any kind of speech difficulty, confusion, or loss of sensation in a limb is a cause for concern. People who suffer from brain cancer may also show an altered personality and have seizures. Other symptoms include a loss of hearing or dissociated reactions to stimuli.

Risk factors:

All these are concerning symptoms and need to be checked out right away. There is no particular reason for brain cancer or brain tumour, though there are some risk factors that have been highlighted by the medical fraternity:

  • Normally there is no specific reason for the tumour growth but increase in age increases the chances of developing a tumour. There are some tumours that are restricted to children only.
  • Radiation because of x-rays is known to lead to brain tumours according to some research studies. Ionizing radiation is very harmful for many people and they need to be protected from it, though it is known to treat cancer and other radiation exposures.
  • Radiation exposure can also be because excessive use of cell phones and microwaves, though there has been no valid proof of brain tumours because of this.
  • Doctors also suspect a hereditary connection with brain tumours. The genetic syndromes matter and need to be kept in mind. People who have had Turner ’s syndrome, Turgot Syndrome etc in the past need to get their check-ups done regularly. Also be careful if another member of the family has suffered from brain cancer.
  • People who suffered from cancer in the past need to be careful with brain cancers, though research still needs to corroborate it. One of the main reasons for this is because of radiation therapy administered in the past to kill the cancer cells.
  • People suffering from AIDS or who are HIV+ve also need to keep a double check on brain cancer.
  • Obesity and oversized people also fall in the risk category.