What to Avoid While Using Hair Extensions?

  • January 6, 2018
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Are you using hair extensions? Are you planning to buy one and want to know everything about maintaining them? Every time you buy hair extensions you are able to use them for just a few months!

All this questions and thoughts point towards one solution – taking proper care of your hair extensions. When you are using hair extensions then your habits and the way you use them can create a huge difference on whether your extensions will last longer or not. The key here is these hair extensions are delicate strands that will deliver you lasting results only when you use them properly.

To ensure that you don’t damage your extensions unintentionally, I am going to list you some practices, which you must avoid practicing at any cost. So, know about these ways to increase the lifespan of your hair extensions and keep them looking shiny and lustrous throughout!

1. Avoid Bleach At Any Cost!

If you are really fond of your lovely hair extensions then avoid bleaching them at any cost. Styling your hair is one thing but coating them with chemical-based bleaches will definitely harm their good health.

If you want lighter shades of hair extensions then you can always select a product from the ombre collection. Bleaching damages hair and make them appear dry and dull.

2. Avoid Direct Contact with Heat

You are a fashion freak and you would love styling your hair in different styles. But exposing your extensions to direct heat is another way you would be damaging them.

Be it a hair straightener or a hair blower, using such hair styling tools can damage your lustrous locks. Ensure you use only high-quality products to avoid harming the extensions.

3. Avoid Running Scissors

Bored with the style and length of your extensions? Chopping them off to get desired style and length can be your biggest mistake. You might regret it later on!
Rather than chopping off your hair length, the best way out is to consult a professional stylist who would do the needful.

4. Avoid Sleeping in Hair Extensions

No matter who tired you are, if you are sleeping with your hair extensions on then you are bringing to them severe damage.

Sleeping with hair extensions would make them rough, frizzy, and tangled. When you will turn and twist on the best, the extensions would cling to the hair to stay firm. As a result, the process will not just be damaging but even painful for you.

5. Avoid Incorrect Methods of Application

When you are in hurry or want to style the extensions quickly then you might not have enough time to clip in the extensions properly. So, what will you do in this situation?

Might be you will quickly apply them and as a result, they might fall. This is something obvious! If you are not applying for your extensions properly then they will fall and at the same time, they can get damaged. When you fix them wrong then they might even get you headaches. It is because there are always chances that you have applied them too tightly.

Hence, it is important that you apply for the extensions properly so that they are neither too tight nor too loose. This way, you will never experience any problem. Even your hair extensions will stay away from any damage that may occur because of inappropriate application.

About the author:

Yuan Chen is a Manager at T1Hairs- Malaysian Hair Extension Company. He has more than 6 years of experience in Hairdressing Industry.