Align your crooked teeth, and bright up your smile

  • October 26, 2017
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Do you have growing teenagers in your home and have you noticed how “appearance conscious they are? Teenage is a sensitive time for children because of rapid bodily and hormonal changes taking place inside the body. These small about-to-be youngsters worry immensely about their looks and are willing to do anything to look good. A nice smile, clear skin and sparkling white teeth attracts people right away. For this it is a must to follow a good oral hygiene routine.

Unfortunately, sometimes teenagers develop protruding or crowded teeth that clump together affecting the general appearance of the nubile youngster. These crooked teeth disturb the facial structure and may also lead to unhealthy teeth and bad breath. At this time a visit to a reputed Orthodontist becomes imperative. This childhood to adulthood journey is full of turbulence and any kind of appearance-improvement with the help of an orthodontist, is the perfect solution for an insecure teenager.


Dental issues, removal of wisdom teeth and braces have been a part of almost everybody’s life. Traditionally dental care meant removal of teeth and filling of cavities, but with modern times the treatment has taken a turn for advanced preventive and cosmetic procedures that can assure good dental health for people. An efficient, skilled and knowledgeable orthodontist can treat irregular or protruding teeth with gentle guidance. The teeth are prodded into proper position with the help of technologically advanced equipment and latest braces.

Nowadays, orthodontists use invisible braces that can be removed temporarily and then placed back into the mouth. This is a boon for the people who have an active social lifestyle and also for energetic sportsmen. Detailed information regarding this is available at almost every dental clinic.

A trained orthodontist makes sure that jaws and teeth are aligned in the best possible position. It is extremely difficult to clean crooked teeth. These teeth do not have the perfect fit in the jaw and this can lead to development of plague. Further the crooked teeth are exposed to periodontal diseases and tooth decay. Awkwardly placed teeth also put an extra pressure on chewing muscles in the jaw, lead to neck strain, a severe thumping headache, back pain, shoulder stiffness and even TMJ syndrome in some cases.

Properly aligned teeth improve appearance, keep mouth free of diseases like gingivitis, pyorrhoea, and also help teeth last a long-long time. Make sure you get your dental or orthodontic treatment from an authority approved certified dentist trained in the field of orthodontics. Your dentist will decide if you need an orthodontist for your teeth and may use some essential diagnostic tools to reach a decision. These tools include special X rays, dental examinations, clinical exams, dental health history, photographs, medical history, and plaster models of present teeth.

Based on the results from these, a treatment plan of orthodontics is prepared and treatment started. If the upper front teeth stick out covering the lower lip and lower teeth then it leads to an overbite and gives a buck teeth appearance. This is very commonly seen and can be easily set right with proper qualifications.

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