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A Cleansing Guide For Effective Face Wash

  • February 16, 2022
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You might be thinking why a person needs a cleansing guide for face wash? It is the simplest skincare routine. Well, it seems so but it needs the correct technique too. 

You should know that according to dermatologists if you want to have a clean and acne-free face, you must wash it at least twice a day. We are not talking about direct face wash from water. Most of the girls apply make-up daily that needs to be cleaned at the end of the day. Otherwise, it will damage the face skin if it remains overnight. Similarly, if you do not clear your face at night it will block the pores and affect the regeneration process of it.  

Read through the blog to know the effective steps of face wash.

Tips To Effectively Clean Your Face

1) Do Not Use Bathing Soap

The chemical formulation of bathing soaps can alter the pH balance of the skin that increases the growth of bacteria and yeast. The soap formulation can strip off the natural oils of the skin.

Usually, people think that foamy products are of good quality. If the product is not foamy, it won’t cleanse your skin. On the contrary, the surfactants of the soap prevent your skin molecules from staying in natural and healthy order.

Do Not Use Bathing Soap

2) Use Lukewarm Water

There is a myth that blocked pores are the cause of the cold water and it gets free with the use of hot water. We repeat, it is a big myth!

In reality, your skin can not handle the extreme temperatures and the face is more sensitive. So neither hot water nor cold water should be used for face wash. Rather, use lukewarm water (a middle temperature).

On the other hand, we all use running water to wash our faces. That is fine until it is extremely hot or cold. You should check the water temperature before using it on your skin. 

3) Do Not Use A Washcloth Just After Face Wash

After face wash, we directly wipe our face with the washcloth which eventually strips off the natural protective barrier of the skin. You should use your fingertips for at least 60 seconds to clean your face.

*This one is for the entire skin. You should not wipe off your skin with a towel or other washcloth right after you pour water on it.

Do Not Use A Washcloth Just After Face Wash

4) Look For These Ingredients

Many face washes in the market claim they are the best, making it difficult for consumers to choose the real best. So whenever you go to buy face wash, make sure you check for the below ingredients. No matter which skin type you have, they work well on all skin types.

According to experts, one should look for salicylic acid, vitamin C retinol, and chemical exfoliants. These ingredients help in enhancing skin health, softening the skin and increasing hydration. 

5) Try Micellar Water

Micellar water is the solution that contains detergent in less amount that forms large micelles. Its basic function is to cleanse the skin. 

If you are travelling to a place where there is a shortage of water, you can carry micellar water. Moreover, people who don’t apply make-up can use this as a cleanser for their face.

Try Micellar Water

6) Use Sonic Cleaning Brush

Such brushes are used for cleaning the pores with their mild pulsation. Also, your face can be debris and dirt-free. 

One can unclog the pores by up to 99.5%. Moreover, it cleans the makeup residue by 98.5%.

If you have tried many products on your face and still feel it does not get clean properly, you should try a sonic cleansing brush.

7) Pamper Your Neck Too

Well, face wash should not be limited to your ‘face.’ It should include your chin and neck too. Your neck and jawline are prone to debris and dirt buildup as well.

While massaging your face with face wash or cleanser; keep it going till your neck. Massage in an upward direction, to get the circulation going and keep it naturally tight and lifted.

Pamper Your Neck Too

8) Do Not Over-Wash Your Face

As humans, we often overdo things to get results faster. In the case of face wash, it does not make any sense. Rather, it deteriorates skin quality. 

If you notice, you wash your face once when you are bathing. Further, if you are washing your face at the sink twice a day, that makes it thrice a day. It could be considered an excessive face wash. Especially, if you have dry skin, cut on a number of face washes.

9) Check The Recommended Amount For Usage

Again! The same logic. We do not see the quantity recommended to use in one go. We either use it less or more according to our own calculations.

If you are disappointed with the results of your face wash, you must check if you are using the correct amount of it or not. If not, try using as advised. Still, if you feel it is not working for your skin, look for another alternative. 

Check The Recommended Amount For Usage


The face wash is not as simple as it seems. The technique should be correct for effective results. You should not use bathing soap; wash it with lukewarm water. Give a try to the sonic cleaning brush. Make sure, you do not over wash your face and use the recommended quantity of face wash. Read this cleansing guide for a face wash to understand this in length.