9 Easy Tips To Start Living An Eco-Friendly Life

  • May 27, 2022
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Being eco-friendly means living life in a way that is favorable for the Earth. Our planet is already suffering a lot due to non-eco-friendly practices! There is no other alternative than switching to environmentally-friendly practices. 

What are lifestyle changes required? How shall I become an environmentalist? – Well, all these answers are below in the blog. Read to get your queries cleared.

9 Tips To Live Sustainably

Follow these tips to lead a sustainable life ahead. 

1. Use Recyclable Bottles

Do you know? A plastic bottle breaks down into 10,000 microplastic pieces that form microplastic pollution. We have already disposed of tonnes of plastic bottles in the oceans that are hard to recycle. The oceans and marine animals are suffering a lot due to these disposal practices.  

Alternatively, you can switch to reusable steel bottles that are healthy and cost-effective. 

Recyclable Bottles

2. Switch To Eco-friendly Shampoos & Conditioners

The chemicals in the shampoo or conditioner are toxic. They wash down the drains and harm the oceans. They are quite harmful to biodiversity. 

You must shop for shampoos and conditioners with non-synthetic ingredients. They do not harm the environment and are good for hair growth. Believe us, you will not regret this change.

3. Buy Recyclable Paper For Gifts

Well, first of all, make sure you gift something eco-friendly. We are sure you will not pack a plastic product in recyclable gift paper. It won’t make any sense. 

The world is already suffering due to the huge production of paper and cardboard. Do not increase the pollution. In the end, it is going to harm us only. 

Recyclable Paper For Gifts

4. Buy Recyclable Clothes From Renown Brands

The idea is not to promote big brands. Rather, it is to promote the quality of the fabric. Many big apparel brands are using non-eco-friendly practices to create fast fashion clothes. However, it is one of the biggest culprits in the clothing industry. If you do not know, synthetic fibers take 200 years to decompose. Thus, they are not an eco-friendly choice. 

Select brands (no matter a street vendor) who use eco-friendly fabrics to make their clothes. They’ll be durable and won’t harm your skin as well.

5. Do Not Use Disposable Plastic Straws

Till now you must have understood that plastic is one of the biggest environmental challenges that our planet is facing. Almost 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic are there in the world and the majority of the plastic does not enter the recycling process.

Rather than using disposable plastic straws, you can use paper straws. 

Disposable Plastic Straws

6. Reduce The Consumption Of Meat

The majority of greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint comes from the production, processing, packaging, and consumption the meat. It is not at all a healthy practice to save Earth. 

Thanks to food science, now we have plant-based meats that are healthy and less harmful to the planet. Moreover, they contribute a lot to reducing the carbon footprints Or, shall we say there is no evidence of plant-based meat harming the planet Earth. 

7. Use Public Transportation Whenever Possible

We understand that in the daily routine, you may not be able to travel by public transport. However, while inter-state travel, you can opt for public transportation rather than personal conveyance. This way, you may explore new places better. 

Use Public Transportation

8. Buy Electric Cars

It takes millions of years to make fossil fuels and they spread pollution as well. The entire process from production to consumption is not at all eco-friendly. Fortunately, now we have an option to switch to electric or hybrid cars that are much more environmentally friendly as they consume fewer power units. Moreover, it spreads comparatively less pollution.

9. Switch To Solar Panels

Solar-generated electricity is one of the most environmentally-friendly ways of power supply to date. Solar panels use the rays of sunlight and generate electricity for your consumption. It is completely natural. Moreover, this process can not be taken down in the future as the sunlight is not limited, you will be able to generate as much electricity as you want through solar panels without harming the environment. Moreover, you can make your solar panel last long with a few smart tricks. Smart people are switching to solar panels, what about you?

Switch to Solar Panels

The Bottom Line

Environment-friendly living is not difficult if you dedicatedly find the alternatives and think mindfully before doing any activity. Such as disposing of food and beverages. Throwing old clothes, using plastic-made products. Possibly the natural products would be a little expensive yet more durable than plastic such as wooden baskets, jute bags, steel bottles, etc. 

As a citizen of the planet, it is your duty to take your and your family’s responsibility of becoming environmentally friendly. Think of changing your habits, it is not as difficult as it is considered. Otherwise, we are all already seeing the bad effects of environmental pollution, if we did not change today. Tomorrow is going to be worse. For more information on green living, keep visiting our website.