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7 Common Myths About Solar Panels Debunked

  • June 10, 2022
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Solar panels use sunlight as a power generation source. Since sunlight is not limited and can be utilized as much as possible. That is why solar panels have become a great yet sustainable power supply option. 

While Solar Panels have made a significant place in the market as a sustainable power supper alternative. Many people still resist its installation due to some solar power misconceptions that are rolled in the market. It is crucial to understand that not all things can be trusted. Therefore, we have got some of the most famous myths and facts about solar panels to help you make a wise choice.

Common Solar Panel Myths

Hope these myths and truths will make you choose solar panels for your home and you live a more sustainable life

#Myth 1: Solar Panels Are Not Affordable

Fact: A long time back, when solar panels were the new technology, their prices were too high. It was not feasible for middle or low-class houses to invest in solar power. Even high-class households were used to finance solar panels.

In recent times, solar panels have become cheaper so that everyone can get access. Moreover, governments have realized their potential too. Thus, they also encourage its consumption. Many US state governments have waived off some of the charges on solar panel consumption and given tax rebates as well. Moreover, there is a significant difference in electricity that makes it a better choice. 

There is no harm in considering solar panels as a long-term investment for a better future.

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#Myth 2: Solar Power Owners Do Not Get Electricity Bills

Fact: It is one of the biggest solar power misconceptions that people have. Undoubtedly, solar panels reduce the electricity bills to their lowest, yet they still come.

Two kinds of utility bills are there, one is for the quantity consumed and the other one is the supply charge. The power you get even from the solar panels comes from the power supplier that takes their supply charge. Thus, even if you consume only solar energy and not the traditional power supply. Still, you will get the electricity bill.

#Myth 3: Solar Panels Require A Lot Of Maintenance

Fact: When solar panels were new to the market, it was really expensive. People used to take care of them, eventually creating a myth that the system needs a lot of maintenance. 

In reality, solar panels are really easy to maintain. Just like we do normal dusting of our homes. Similarly, solar panels just need some water and a dry cloth to remove dust, dirt, and debris. 

Solar panels are made in a manner that they can handle harsh weather, like extremely hot and cold days, heavy winds, etc. 

However, make sure you are purchasing the system from a trusted manufacturer. 

#Myth 4: Solar Panels Can Damage The Roof

Fact: There is no trusted evidence of the fact that solar panels can damage the roof. Even if you desire to install panels on the damaged roof, then also there will be no harm to your roof. 

The panels do not get attached to the roof, they are only mounted. Thus, there is no risk of getting your roof damaged.

#Myth 5: No Power Outage At The Time Of Grid Outage

Fact: Since solar energy is generated through sunlight and stored with the power supplier, people have a misconception that there will be no power outage at the time of grid outage. Though there are many ways you can make solar panels more sustainable, but using solar power for electricity at the time of power outage is not recommended.

You can have power only if you have purchased the battery storage system. Otherwise, the power supply is disconnected for a while so that the utility workers can repair the fault safely. If the supplies do not get disconnected, there are high chances of electric shock or other accidents.

#Myth 6: On Sunny Days, Excess Energy Can Be Stored 

Fact: Indeed sunny days can provide excess energy. But, if you do not have the energy-storing capabilities, the excess power supply can not be stored. The good thing is that you can use net metering. Under this process, the power supply company gives you some credits in lieu of the excess energy, which you can redeem while paying the electricity bill in case you use more electricity than your solar panel produces.

#Myth 7: Reselling A Home With Solar Panels Could Be Difficult

Fact: Another lame myth about solar panels. We would love to debunk this myth with simple logic. Installing a solar panel is a bit expensive and nowadays people are becoming environmentalists. Thus, they do search for homes that already have solar panels installed. 

Solar panels are rather an investment that appreciates your home valuation as an add-on amenity. 

Final Thoughts

There are ample solar panel misconceptions and rumors roaming in the market to discourage the use of solar energy as people are still not aware of its feasibility. If you have read the blog till here, make sure to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues to spread awareness.