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6 Key Components of An Eco-Friendly House

  • July 1, 2022
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The Earth has given us the space to live and make alterations according to our convenience. However, now we are actually testing its patience and tolerance. It has given us everything it had to offer but now the resources are limited yet our demands are still rising exponentially. Consequently, we are witnessing more and more disasters every year. According to the WMO, there is a change in world temperature temporarily reaching the 1.5° C threshold in the coming five years. Thus, it is high time that we all take individual responsibilities and become environmentalists.

The way people say, charity begins at home. Similarly, eco-friendliness begins at home. First of all, you must make the required changes to make your home an eco-friendly house.

Key Features of Eco-Friendly Home

Below we have listed some significant changes which you can make to have an eco-friendly house and reduce your carbon footprints.

1. Geothermal Pumps

Conventional pumps use 25-50 percent more energy than geothermal pumps. They are made from the smart generation technology that is crafted considering the current situation of the Earth. It can lower your utility bill and reduce the overall utility expense over the years.

Many environment-conscious constructors prefer using geothermal pumps. If you are about to renovate or construct a house, you must opt for geothermal pumps. They are not only environmentally friendly, they use natural energy as a source of power and work without outdoor components.

The effectiveness of geothermal pumps is assured because the temperature below the ground remains consistent.

2. Energy-Efficient Appliances

The very basic yet important change that a would-be eco-friendly house shall expect is changing the appliances that consume a lot of power supply. It may sound like a big expense or investment, yet if you calculate practically, then it will look like a convenient option.

For example, a conventional washing machine costs $1000, yet the energy-efficient washing machine may cost you between $1200-$1400 but it will save around $200 per year on electricity bills.

On average a washing machine runs for around 5-7 years. Thus, you can save $200 every year from it. That means an energy-efficient machine will cost you cheaper in the long run and help you contribute to saving the environment.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

3. Green Floor Finish

Flooring is essential yet its finishing is more important in terms of material used protection and aesthetics. In case you are unaware, the most common material that is used in the floor finishing, polyurethane, is not too eco-friendly. Moreover, its presence in the air could be harmful.

Instead of polyurethane, you can consider beeswax for the purpose. It is not too expensive, comes at affordable prices, and can provide beloved shine to your floors. It is as safe as your food bowls, their manufacturing also includes beeswax. Thus, it is safe for humans to ingest through the air.

There are many more eco-friendly living floor finishing options available in the market. Make sure they won’t have chemicals like zinc, ammonia, phthalate, and phosphate.

4. Organic Wallpaper

Wallpapers are ever-green wall coverings. There is no such substitute for wallpapers. They are too good. However, you just need to change its material.

The demand for paper will never come to an end but, if there are alternatives, you must look into them.

Many wallpapers are made of recycled paper. Do not worry about their durability, they are as durable as other wallpapers. They are also known as sustainable wallpapers.

Alternatively, you can use grass clothes as wall coverings. They are durable, insect-free, and eco-friendliness is overloaded in them.

Organic Wallpaper

5. Solar Chargers

You can not leave charging your devices, you will need a charger. Especially, if you are traveling, a power bank is one of the travel essentials. However, power banks consume a lot of energy while getting charged. Thus, scientists have made solar panel power banks or chargers for us. You can easily charge them in the sunlight and use them anywhere, anytime.

They are indeed expensive in comparison with other power banks. They are more efficient and save your electricity resulting in less power consumption.

6. Solar Barbecue

Since we have to act in a manner to protect our planet and the environment, we should party a lot so that we share our food. Isn’t it? :p Being an environmentalist does not mean you can not have fun but include a pinch of consciousness towards the safety of the environment.

Rather than using traditional barbecues, switch to solar barbeques. First, you will be able to flaunt that you use recent technology products. Second, it is quite environmentally friendly.

Solar Barbecue

The Bottom Line

There are two ways to become an environmentalist. First, do not use things that are not environmentally friendly. Second, switch to the smarter alternative. Now it’s your choice, whether you want to limit your access to the goods and services or want to opt for smart choices. Follow these tips for designing an eco-friendly home. To know more about being an environmentalist, keep following our website.