5 Healthy And Effective Ways To Live In The Present

  • May 11, 2022
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Do you have any thoughts running in your mind about the past or future while reading this blog? Well, then you are probably not in the present. Since childhood, we have seen people thinking or talking about the future or past and that is what most people have adopted. That is why it has become normal to live in the past or think about the future. The vitality of being in the present has been lost somewhere. In order to bring up the importance of living in the present, we have gathered information to share healthy lifestyle tips to aid living in the present. 

Healthy Reasons To Live In Present

Being attentive in the present is more than a choice. We have multiple reasons that show the importance of present living.

  • Less Grudges & Guilts 
  • More peaceful life  
  • Challenges look feasible
  • Concentration levels increases
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Less attracted to passive entertainment

And many more…

Now that you know how helpful present living could be for a person, you should know how to achieve this.

Effective Ways To Practice Living In Present

Trying these healthy activities daily could be more helpful to you.

1. Look Around Your Surroundings

One of the easiest and most effective ways to stay attentive at the moment is to understand the moment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and then analyse your surroundings. 

Look for details, see people you are surrounded with and notice their activities, observe all things around you. Notice the goods of the location and the bads of the respective place. This way you will allow your mind to think only about the present. 

P.S. try not to compare things with your past or else you will still be stuck there in the past. 

Look around your surroundings

2. Do Not Multitask

Does this statement sound contradictory to the reality of the world? Well, it is contradictory yet correct. All do multitasking. Having dinner in front of the TV, checking social media while making reports, and working on two projects simultaneously. Indeed, we all do multitask as it has become the need of the hour (the common mindset). However, if we understand the benefits of doing one task at a time and practise it honestly, it is easier and more productive.

Imagine just working on one campaign at a time. Don’t you think you will be more concentrated on thinking the idea for it rather than thinking ideas for multiple campaigns?

Multitasking lets us forget the importance of living in the present as the mind keeps juggling between two boats. To practise the art of living in the moment, you have to keep your mind healthy and untangled so that it works faster and makes your days productive

3. Accept Things As They Are

Become acceptable for what you have in the present. It improves mental health. If you are continuously thinking about the future or past while comparing it with the present, you will be satisfied. Even if you are doing good today, you will not be able to stay happy entirely as you must be stressed about the future or have guilt/bad memories from the past. That is why it is significant to accept what you have in the present irrespective of what it is. Either good or bad.

If it is good, stay happy and forget about the bad past. If it is bad, concentrate on the situation to make it good. 

To practise this, write all the goods/bads you have at the moment. Remember, our mind easily accepts the written things as it takes it as a fact that stays real and true for everyone.

Accept Things As They Are

4. Be Thankful For The Present

Indeed there must be things bothering you at the moment. How to react to them depends completely on you. And, your reactions define what shape the situation will take! 

If you will only see the issues of the present, you will be unable to see the goods, that is where your solution resides. People who practise living in the present are more considerate and show gratitude. It helps improve your problem-solving skills as you look for goods at the moment to get the solution. 

5. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the activities people use to dig into themselves and introspect. While introspecting, people can know more about themselves and energise their inner souls. It increases concentration and improves cognitive skills. In addition to this, there are many benefits of mindfulness for mental health. Most importantly, it calms your mind so that you think only about the present moment instead of your past or future.

Practice Mindfulness

The Bottom Line

It sounds ironic that it has become difficult to stay in the present as most of us are still stuck in the past and the rest are thinking about the future. That way, we are turning our present into the past and regretting not doing anything in that present. We know it sounds complicated but this is what we are doing with our lives. Hope this blog helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and handle all the sorrows in a better way.