5 Facts to Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

  • August 16, 2017
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Waxing, threading, shaving and tweezing are exhausting exercises that all women and many men go through, to get rid of unwanted hair. You have other options to remove unwanted hair from your body, so why not explore options and give new hair removal techniques a chance?

One of the best options of hair removal is laser treatment. Around the globe, Los Angeles has been a hub for cosmetic surgery and people go there to get the best and affordable laser hair removal treatment. In this beauty treatment, hair follicles are exposed to highly concentrated beams of light and the follicle pigment absorbs these rays and gets destroyed.

1) Hair removal made easy anywhere:

Is Laser hair removal useful? Without a doubt, say the experts! Laser hair removal works wonders on the bikini line, underarms, small miniscule chin hair, legs, arms, face, and just about anywhere on the body. With thorough precision laser rays can target hair that is coarse and dark. The rays penetrate the hair follicle, finish it and leave neighbouring skin untouched and undamaged. Is there any better way of removing hair within a fraction of a second?

2) Less time consuming:

Lots of hair are removed and destroyed with a single laser pulse. You can say that strong rays of light zap unwanted hair away. Within a blink of an eye, hair is left withered and dead. In a second, a small area with hair can be treated. Roughly a minute of laser treatment is needed for upper lip region and a customer who has undergone hair removal treatment can enjoy a clean chin, face, and upper lip in just about half hour. Larger areas like total surface area of legs or arms can be cleaned of hair within an hour.

3) Permanent hair removal:

Laser treatment is superfast and efficient, with a capability of removing lots of hair in one go. In about three or more sessions many patients are freed of their hair permanently. Don’t worry about rushing to the salon twice a week to get threading of upper lip done, you are going to have a sparkling shining hair-less skin soon!

4) Trained medical expertise:

Incompetent and untrained people should not attempt to provide laser treatment to others. Laser therapy is a skilled art that can also be termed as a medical procedure. There may be some unseen risks that require expert attention during the treatment and a trained person can sufficiently deal with these conditions. If you are planning to get your unwanted hair removed then head to a reputed beauty salon with a qualified doctor or expert technician.

Waxing, threading, plucking, shaving and electrolysis are temporary hair removal treatments because the roots of hair are still alive. The hair soon starts to re-grow and has to be removed time and again. In laser beauty treatments, the customer is forbidden from using any temporary method of hair removal like waxing for about 6 weeks because laser rays are used to target roots of hair. Shaving lets the roots remain so you can manage 6 weeks with a razor.

5) Avoid sun exposure after treatment:

Many technicians also advice the customer to avoid unnecessary sun exposure for about 6 weeks before and after the treatment. Over exposure to the sun rays can cause medical complications and the proper removal of hair from the roots may also be affected.

6) Use eyeglasses during treatment:

Before treatment targeted hair will be trimmed and then exposed to laser rays. While imparting laser treatment hair colour, thickness of hair shaft and areas where hair have to be removed are carefully noted. Laser equipment is of different kinds and all these factors contribute to selection of required tools. Once all this is done, just don the eyeglasses to protect your eyes from bright light and get started on your hair removal beautification process. Don’t worry about the inflamed skin, it will settle down real soon!

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