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4 Strategies To Make Solar Panels More Sustainable

  • January 28, 2022
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Solar panels are being popular as it is a renewable source of energy. We all know the environmental impact of solar panels. They are reducing costs, making people environmentally friendly, and much more. Still, there are many ways through which we can make solar panels more sustainable. 

Are Solar Panels Sustainable?

Solar energy is everywhere as the sun rises in all locations. Due to climatic conditions of different locations, the impact of sunlight varies, but it can not be denied, the sun rises everywhere. Therefore, you can use solar energy wherever you reside to reduce the environmental effects of the usual source of electric currents. Also, like other sources of electricity generation, the manufacturing of the panels require water too, but that is less in amount compared with other sources and becomes a reliable alternative to fossil fuels.

Are Solar Panels Sustainable

Strategies To Make Solar Panels More Sustainable

If you think solar panels are the best alternative to the usual source of electricity, you are correct! But the production of solar panels and their infrastructure increases carbon dioxide emissions. To reduce such hazardous effects, you must make your solar panels more sustainable.

1. Make Sure Photovoltaics Last Longer

Photovoltaics is the process of converting light into electricity by semiconducting materials.

First photovoltaics got installed in Germany in 1980 and some other countries. Fortunately, some panels are functioning well even after 30 years of life span. Although solar panels come with 30-years of warranty these days, they could be extended too. It does not only reduce the cost but also lower the carbon footprints on the environment. Moreover, the cost of energy generation through the sun will also be less.

You can extend the life of your solar panels by incorporating a robust glass at the back, which is quite common in photovoltaic cell manufacturing today. 

2. Make Solar Panels Repairable

Solar panels come with a simple base. They have a translucent special glass pane, a silicon cell that is 0.2 millimetres thick with wafer-thin metal busbars, translucent plastic film (EVA) underneath, another film behind the cell, a special protective film or glass at the back. Everything is connected with an aluminium frame and a seal.

In simple terms, we want to say that solar panels are repairable due to their simple structure. Although, the solar panels are robust. It doesn’t get damaged easily. Still, if it happens, you should get your solar panels repaired.

Usual solar panel repairing involves replacing the cracked glass, using an adhesive tape or paste that can reseal the back film against the intrusion of moisture. Moreover, if electrical cables become permeable, they can be replaced without any issues and complications. 

Make Solar Panels Repairable

3. Eliminate Harmful Materials

Although there is no pollutant leakage from the broken or undamaged panels. However, some models have harmful substances which affect the environment, but not adversely. 

Per module, there is approx 1 gram of lead is present. Even manufacturers try not to put the toxic lead too. Additionally, there is a heavy metal called, Cadmium is present in the thin-film modules (up to 1.4g per gram on each panel). The manufacturers have their own systems to recover the harm it gives to the environment. Ask the manufacturer to not put such material or remove it if included to make solar panels more sustainable.

When you plan to discard such modules or ask the manufacturers to discard them in order to delete all harmful modules from the solar panels. Make sure you dispose of it responsibly. So, it does not affect the environment. 

4. Improve Recycling Technology

Recycling solar panels could be done partially with the presence of aluminium frames, crystalline panels, and glass. All these are used in the manufacturing of panels. However, if you are unable to recycle, you still have the scope of reusing the material in the new panels. It may reduce your manufacturing cost and give fewer carbon footprints to the environment. 

Moreover, if you have an older solar panel, which you want to change with new panels. Do not dispose of these solar panels, give them back to the manufacturer as they can repair them as new panels that can be sold in the market. Perhaps you can afford new panels, but there must be people looking for cheaper options. This way, they will also be able to buy solar panels. Therefore, the contribution to the environment will increase even with less CO2 emission.

Improve Recycling Technology


The solar panels’ sustainability could be enhanced by making some required changes by yourself or with the help of an installer or manufacturer. When you consult with the solar energy provider, ask them to add a robust glass at the back, remove all the harmful materials or do not use any harmful materials while manufacturing the one for you. Moreover, ask your provider if they have any recycled solar panels which may cost you less than the new panels and the repairability of those panels too. Most importantly, if you know someone who is planning to install solar panels, make sure you share this blog to help them make their solar panels more sustainable.