Mindfulness Activities For Kids

4 Entertaining Mindfulness Activities For Kids

  • April 11, 2022
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Mindfulness is one of the best meditation tricks for better mental well-being and it also helps in living life more joyfully. Through mindfulness, you can also improve your sense of living in the present. And, there is a lot more which can be improved by practising mindfulness. If it has so much to offer, you must instil this habit in your kids too. It will prepare them for all the future challenges of life and living life optimistically. To help you develop this habit in your kids, we have covered mindfulness activities for kids in this blog. 

Also, mindfulness is not only for your kid’s adult age yet it will help to cope with the challenges they face in daily lives. Following are the benefits of mindfulness to kids:

  • Reduce the effects of bullying
  • Improve focus in kids (especially with ADHD)
  • Mitigate attention issues
  • Enhance mental wellbeing
  • Improve social skills
  • Become a good listener
  • Enhance problem-solving skills

Moreover, mindfulness activities vary from age to age. It is not that they can not perform the activities that adults practise. Yet they will enjoy these activities more as the kid will relate more to the below-given activities so they will enjoy performing them.

Mindfulness Activities For Children

Try practising these mindfulness activities with your kids to benefit both the kids and you. 

1) Mindful Posing

Kids only do things they like. Motivating kids for staying fit or exercise is not that easy as it sounds. Thus, it becomes critical to add fun to all things you want them to perform. Keeping this thing in mind, this mindfulness activity has been created.

Take your kid to an open area. Make sure the place should be too comfortable for the kid, they should not feel hesitant there. It could be your garden, society park or any other open area (preferably green). 

Ask your child to perform the following poses there with no hesitation.

  • The Wonder Woman: Stand tall with open wide legs (wider than hip-width apart). Place hands or fists on the hips (Wonder Woman, 2017)
  • The Superman: Stand with feet just wider than the hips, clenched fists, and arms straight to the sky (stretching the body as up as possible)

No matter whether it is a boy or a girl. Ask them to pose like both of these personalities. Once they are done with all their poses. Ask them how they are feeling. Certainly, you will be shocked.

This activity will make them refreshed and enthusiastic. Also, they will have more confidence in themselves.

Mindful Posing

2) Spidey-Senses

This activity is to improve mood and sense of living in the present. Ask them to be attentive and trust their senses to do things.

Use their super-focused or ‘spidey senses’ of smell, hearing, taste, sight, and touch that Spiderman uses to stay aware of the surroundings. This way, your kid’s mental strength will improve. Their focus to perform a task will enhance. Also, they will trust their senses more than before prior to decision making. 

Moreover, your kid’s openness and awareness will increase too. It has been considered an amazing exercise to encourage curiosity and observation which is good for any human to practise.

3) The Mindful Jar

This one is more relevant to kids who are in their adolescence. For this mindfulness activity, you need a transparent jar (like a mason jar) and glitter glue or dry glitter and glue.

All you need is to fill the jar with water. Add glitter glue or dry glitter and glue. Now ask your kid to watch the jar constantly while you are shaking.

While your kid is trying to focus, you should iterate this script to them:

This is the moment when you are emotional and overwhelmed due to some reason. Like these glitter particles, your mind does not settle at this moment. You will not be able to think properly as everything will be roaming from one end to another like these glitters. 

Thus, do not make any decision in this situation.

Now, put the jar on the table for a while to let the glitter settle. Then again, ask your kid to focus on the glitter. This time, you should say:

Watch what is happening to the glitter carefully. The glitter is gradually settling down. So like our minds. Once your mind is settled, you can understand the happenings of your surroundings and listen to others. Then make a decision. That decision will be quite different from the one you would have taken when you were in anger.

The Mindful Jar

4) Safari

In this activity, the kid has to go for a walk every day in the morning. The task is to notice each bird, animal, and ant with their senses. They have to sense their presence while walking. Also, they should remember all the birds or animals they must have seen during the walk. 

There are many physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness exercise. Walking will enhance their stamina, sense observation will help them stay in the present, and remembrance will help them improve their ability to remember things.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we just want to say that mindfulness is not something that has to be performed only by adults. Also, it is not something that should be practised by people with mental disorders. It is just a peaceful way to calm your mind and act peacefully. Other than this it has many benefits to the body and it helps heal physical wounds too, as it improves the optimism in a person. Thus, one should instil practising mindfulness in their kids from their childhood only.