21 Days Mindfulness Challenge For A Better Lifestyle

  • July 6, 2022
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If you want to change your life for the good, probably you are at the right place. We have created a 21 days mindfulness challenge where you will have to accept all challenges to perform mindfulness. Believe us, if you pass this challenge, you will have a completely different personality altogether. 

Why Just ‘21 Days’ Challenge?

Well, you must have heard about the term called ‘21 days challenge’. Our challenge is directly related to the psychological challenge which runs on the belief that if a person performs or avoids a certain task for 21 days, the person will get habitual to it and make it a life leading habit. However, you will have many critics to this theory but that it does not work even after following the challenge with complete dedication. 

In this blog, we will tell you about your challenges. At the same time, we will guide you to how to make it a habit as per the ‘21 days challenge’ theory. 

21 Days Challenge Of Mindfulness

Follow the rules and challenges without any questions as you will figure out the answers on your own with each challenge you complete. 


  • Complete all challenges with honesty
  • Write a journal about these 21 days
  • Do not think about the personality you may have after this challenge, just focus on the challenges
  • You are not allowed to disclose that you are following any challenge
  • Accept all challenges without questions in mind, do not skip any challenge. 

1. Stop And Relax

You have to take out some time for yourself everyday. It could be just 5 minutes but it should be yours. Exclusively yours, where you are nothing. Close your eyes and let your body relax. 

Stop And Relax

2. No Expectations For 21 Days

For the next 21 days, you will not expect anything from anyone. Neither emotional expectations nor professional. Also, you won’t be dependent on anyone for anything. Find your own ways.

3. 15 Minutes Walk Alone, Daily

The best would be walking for 15 minutes without any distraction. Still if you feel you need some motivation to walk, you can get it from songs. But not any video or something. Just some good songs (no negative songs).

4. Compliment Someone Each Day

It could be anyone. A stranger you meet in the washroom, you can complement their dress or hairstyle. Or your colleague for doing a good job. Or probably your family member for being nice to you all the time. Just find good things about someone and compliment them.

Compliment Someone Each Day

5. Sit And Drink Water 

Just simply sit and drink water slowly, everytime. No excuses are allowed. Also, make sure you drink enough water in a glass rather than a bottle.

6. Slow Eating: Chew Your Food Properly

Take enough time to complete your meal. You must remember what all meals you have in the day and their tastes.

7. Your First Meal Should Be Any Seasonal Food

Start the day with your favorite fruit (avoid sour fruits) or soaked nuts. Do not have tea or coffee as your first meal. You can have them after 30 minutes of fruit.

Your First Meal Should Be Any Seasonal Food

8. Write 3 Good Things of The Day

It could be anything. Good hair day, nice food, or even having an amazing cup of coffee or tea. Just three things of the day which you are thankful to the universe for.

9. Smile & Accept

No matter what challenges the day keeps on your desk. Just smile and accept it the way it is. Or if you think it is not appropriate and you can change it, do it calmly with a smile on your face. It may sound impractical, but you have to do all said things for 21 days.

10. Avoid Negative People

Don’t talk or meet anybody with whom your vibes don’t match. Keep this thing in time, the time you are going to spend with this person, it will never come back. Better you invest your time on something else or on someone else.
Also, try not to get into any unnecessary arguments.

Avoid Negative People

11. Create A 21 Days Challenge

Along with a journal (as per the rules), create a memory folder in your phone and add the best picture of the day, every day. 

12. Accept Yourself

Everyone has flaws and so you! If you want to expect from others to accept the way you are. First of all, accept yourself. 

13. Take Care Of Yourself

You need to take care of yourself the way you take care of others. No cheating!

Take Care Of Yourself

14. Meditate For 5-10 Minutes Every Day

You can do this while relaxing as instructed in point 1. Just meditate and relax.

15. Plan Your Weekly Meals On Sundays

Take a cheat day on Sunday and plan your weekly meal. Accordingly, go and shop for groceries. 

16. Have Your Dinner Before 8

It could be tricky for all night owls reading out there! 😅 But challenges are always difficult. Prove them achievable!

Have Your Dinner Before 8

17. Read One Page Of A Book Every Day

Even if you hate reading books, try something that interests you but read a book. Not a newspaper, no e-books. A hard copy of a book you have to read (at least one page) every day. 

18. Sleep And Wake Up On The Same Time

For instance, if you sleep at 9pm and wake up at 7am. You must follow the sleep hours strictly. Switch off the lights at 8.30pm and if you find difficulty going to bed at 9 or whatever is your time. All it should be, the same sleep and wake up time.

19. Perform One Random Kindness Act Everyday

Help someone crossing the road, or feed the needy or anything which gives you a chance to do so. Or else find a chance to perform a random act of kindness. Spread positivity.

Perform One Random Kindness Act Everyday

20. Try A New Hobby

Try something new which you wanted to incorporate in your routine but could not due to time constraint or other problems. 

21. Ditch One Bad Habit Every Day

Use meditation to analyze yourself every day and forgo only one bad habit day. It should not be more than one.

All the best readers! Do share your experience in the comment section and motivate others to feel the change.