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2022 New Year’s Resolutions For A Healthier And Fitter You

  • December 19, 2021
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‘I will stick to this New Year’s resolutions’, isn’t something we say every New Year? New Year resolutions come and go with New Year itself! This is what happens, right? Haha… So what are your plans to stay firm with this year’s resolutions? Let us help you with some healthy New Year’s resolutions that you can follow all year long. 

New Year Resolutions For Good Health

We have gathered some resolutions that are attainable, and ideal for your healthy lifestyle.

(1) Prioritize Whole Foods

We eat whole foods like vegetables, fruits, seeds, and fish every day. All you need is to increase the quantity of it. These foods help our body to stay active and function properly. Research has claimed that eating more whole foods prevents heart-related diseases, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. 

Prioritize Whole Foods

Of course, it takes time to change and adapt habits. Give time to yourself and slowly but consistently start increasing whole foods in your diet.

(2) Sleep, To Stay Awake All Day 

Ideally, a person should take at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Try! Try every day to get enough sleep for a sound mind and a healthy body.  

If you are someone who stays really busy and does not get enough time to sleep properly. You can try our time management tips so that you get ample time to sleep,

  • Be honest with yourself in matters of time. Try not to overstretch your work.
  • Make a to-do list every day and try to complete it by evening so you do not forget things that you end up doing at your bedtime.
  • Try to plan late-night parties and outings on weekends only.

Even after managing time, if you are unable to sleep while lying on the bed. You should avoid some foods that affect quality sleep.  It may help you have a good sleep.

(3) Try Meditation

Meditation increases concentration levels and productivity. It assists your mind to absorb all the external noises and offer a fresh mind that works in the present only. This way, you can fasten your tasks and get some time for yourself and your dear ones. 

Try Meditation

If you are new to meditation, you can start meditating for one minute a day and slowly increase the time.

(4) Alter Your Sitting Habits

Most of us have sitting jobs, we have the potential to sit for long hours and keep working, but this is not something your body is expecting from you. We are not saying to hamper your work. Go for a 1-2 minute walk every hour. It is the smallest effort you can put for your healthy body. 

On the contrary, if you are someone who doesn’t get enough time to sit at your job, you can try putting an alarm every hour to sit for at least 10 minutes.

(5) Invest Time In What You Love

There must be one physical activity that you like. It could be gymming, yoga, Zumba, aerobics, or anything. Just take out at least 30 minutes at the beginning for this activity. Soon you will increase time on your own. 

Invest Time In What You Love

(6) Plan A Realistic Diet

A person on diet eats more than a person who is not. Know why? Diet allows you to have a balanced diet, not to starve. Ask your nutritionist to give you a balanced diet as per your goals, weight loss or gain. Also, diet is not always concerned with weight. You must follow a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle . Also, you can look into this list of gluten-free foods for general well being.

(7) Stay Hydrated

While working or studying, we forget to drink water. It is the common mistake maximum people make even after knowing adequate water consumption is essential for our body. 

Stay Hydrated

If you forget to drink water, the simplest way is to keep a water bottle with yourself. Keep refilling whenever it gets empty. This way, you will not forget and feel lazy to grab a glass of water when thirsty.

(8) Listen To Your Craving, Sometimes!

Ah! It is really difficult to resist when you are craving a burger! No problem, have it tonight. But make sure you did not have any junk yesterday as well.

The easiest way to stick to healthy eating resolutions is to fix a cheat day in a week when you are allowed to eat anything and everything you like. This way, you stay motivated to eat healthy other days. It helps to lose weight by reducing craving calls, giving a mental break from diet and increasing metabolism too. Include sweet beverages as well, as they should not be a part of your regular diet.

(9) Value Your ‘Me Time’

Self-care and introspection are essential for a sound mind and a healthy body. Self-care develops self-love and creates a positive environment that makes you happy and energized to face challenges and stay motivated all day. This way, you worry less, and your mind works more. You must introspect to understand yourself and analyze your life. It cleans your mind that reduces stress, enhances problem-solving skills, and chances of anxiety or depression.

Value Your ‘Me Time’

It is not something you have to do every day, you can have a salon day in a week or bi-monthly and introspect when you get free time. Even a minute for introspection is enough. Just try to be optimistic to avoid stress. 

(10) Clean Your Wardrobe Weekly

Surprisingly, your wardrobe cleanliness has psychological benefits to offer. Your mood gets affected by the environment around you. If you see a cluttered wardrobe every day, your mind will also stay cluttered and unclear with things. Therefore, it is important to clear your wardrobe weekly to declutter your mind. 

(11) Spend Time Outside

All out there must be following this one, for sure! No doubt, staying out keeps your mind fresh. However, roaming out will be toxic or detoxifying depending on where you are. Going out should not be like watching a movie, dining out or having drinks. It should be a peaceful walk, a soothing long drive (sometimes), etc.

Spend Time Outside

(12) Limit Screen Time

This one is a little tough. However, you can make it easy by setting goals. Download an app that records your screen time and set a goal for yourself (let’s say you won’t use your phone for more than 5 hours a day) in the initial stage. With the app, you will have a track. While achieving the target, you will feel motivated to raise the goals and soon your screen time will be less. 

These healthy New Year resolutions do not demand rigid changes. It is the only reason they are attainable. Such small changes can help you a lot to enhance your lifestyle and make you a better version of yourself. So get ready, this time the resolutions will have permanent residency in your life.

Which ones did you choose for a Healthy New Year, let us know in the comment section!