Eco-friendly Christmas

14 Easy Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas

  • November 25, 2021
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With each passing year, we look at the statistics of waste management, financial wastes, and environmental impacts of Christmas. Although, we do not pay attention to the cause. According to an environmentalist study, Christmas is the biggest annual environmental disaster, resulting in adverse impacts on the environment during and after Christmas. Therefore we are here with Sustainable Christmas ideas so that you feel proud this time enjoying the festive season in an eco-friendly manner.

Simple Ways To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Christmas 

With these simple changes, you can have an ultimate eco-friendly Christmas that may reduce your expenses too. 

1. Rent A Christmas Tree

It is always better to have an original Christmas tree rather than anthe artificial one. However, buying a Christmas tree involves huge costs that everyone may not be able to bear. You can get it on rent for the festive season (costs equivalent to artificial trees).

2. Buy Wooden Christmas Tree

You can buy wooden Christmas trees made of original tree branches as they are reusable and long-lasting, making them an affordable yet sustainable substitute for original Christmas trees.


3. Avoid Using Plastic Wrapping Papers

Every year around 5 Million plastic wrapping papers are landfilled after Christmas impacting the environment adversely. It is better to wrap your presents in biodegradable paper. Alternatively, you can use printed or textured fabrics to make them look good.

4. Forest-Friendly Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are still in trend. By knowing the fact greeting cards are not even considered a Christmas gift. Around 53% of Americans spend money on gifting greeting cards every year. 

One can buy forest-friendly Christmas cards to reduce the impact of celebrations on the environment.

5. Use Eco-Friendly Wreath

Wreaths are the must-have Christmas decor whereas, it’s widely available in the markets in plastic material only. You can make your own wreaths using different eco-friendly materials like pom-poms, wood, grass, etc. 

Christmas Wreath

6. Burn Eco-Friendly Crackers

Yes! There are eco-friendly crackers that will not hamper the environment and the way you celebrate Christmas every year. These green crackers are made without using aluminum, barium, potassium nitrate, or carbon to make them organic or eco-friendly.

7. Make ‘Best Out Of The Waste Items’

It is not necessary to buy all the stuff for Christmas. You can make it on your own with the things you already have at home. DIY cheap decor items are the result of Best out of Waste material. For example, fabric Christmas trees. Consequently, you will contribute to reducing the cost involved in waste management i.e huge. 

8. Give Plastic-Free Gifts

Exchanging gifts on Chrismas is the kind of tradition, being followed for ages. Since plastic is cheaper, people used to give plastic-made gifts to their loved ones and family members.

zero waste gifts

If you replace plastic-free gifts with sustainable Christmas gifts. You may help the environment to heal a lot.

9. Buy/Make Reusable Calendar

Calendars made with paper become useless after a year ends, resulting in increased wastes. Therefore, look for alternatives such as cloth calendars, wooden calendars, eco-friendly paper-made calendars, etc.

10. Reduce Food Waste

Food wastage is another point of concern while talking about Christmas’s impact on the environment. Every year leftover food worth 4.8 Million Euros is thrown away in the UK. If not so this food could fill lots of empty stomachs and give them a reason to celebrate. 

11. Use LED Christmas Lights

Less electricity consumption means limited use of environmental resources. LED Christmas lights consume 95% less electricity than other lights; making them an appropriate choice for this festive season.

LED Christmas Lights

12. Sprinkle Plant-Based Glitter

Regular glitters are a combination of aluminium and plastics that contributes to harming the environment. If you feel your celebrations are incomplete without these sparkles Opting for plant-based, vegan and, eco-friendly glitters could be ideal. 

13. Choose Your Outfit Wisely

Your outfit can also contribute to the environment. Now that’s up to you whether you want it to affect in a good manner to bad. 

Have you ever thought your Christmas dress could affect the environment too? But it is true! Your shimmery sequenced outfit is affecting dear Earth. These sequences are made of PVC which does not have any biodegradable substitute till now. Therefore, whenever you will dispose off these kinds of dresses, they will only be landfilled.

14. Drink Organic Wines

Wines and their production, both produce a significant carbon in the environment. Moreover, the increased demand for wines leads to continuous harvesting and forced plantation of grapes, vines resulting in depletion of soil and its natural fertility. Fortunately, we have organic wines available in the market that may not hamper our celebrations. 

Organic Wines

Celebrating Eco-friendly Christmas does not mean sacrificing something. When man-made products were not there, Christmas was celebrated that time too. Rather it was celebrated in a much better way. Remember why this festive has got celebrated? Be thankful to Jesus for giving you all the privileges to enjoy Christmas.

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