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10 Surprising Ways You’re Weakening Your Immune System

  • January 21, 2022
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The immune system consists of organs and processes that protect the human body from infections and toxins. It is essential to have good immunity to prevent you from harmful substances, seasonal illness and help in speedy recovery. Till the time your immunity system is working fine, you will not even realise its presence. Therefore, maintaining your immune system is important for your health. For that matter, you must know the ways to boost your immune system and what things to avoid in the process.

Things That Kill Your Immune System

Lack Of Sleep

Today’s biggest problem is the improper sleep cycle. Most of us are having sleeping issues and disorders that are secretly affecting our immune systems. 

Our bodies release some protein during sleep, called cytokines that help to fight infections and viruses. Our body will not be able to produce enough cells and protein in case of a lack of sleep.

Lack Of Sleep

So Much Indoors

Sounds weird how staying too much at home can affect your immune system? Well, that does affect! There are many indirect benefits of staying out that help improve the system. However, there is a substance called phytoncides, found in wood plants that seem to boost your immune system evidently.


We are always suggested to stay positive when suffering from illness. Have you ever thought about why? Because our happy cells help us to recover faster. Stress, sorrow, depression, and anxiety should not be your partners as they seem to be weak germ fighters. They are good at offering a poor immune system to you. Moreover, if you feel low all the time, you may not be able to recover as soon as you should from diseases like herpes, flu, shingles, and other viruses. 

If you are unable to deal with your anxiety and stress, you must consult a doctor.

Deficiency Of Vitamin D

Pathogen-fighting effects of monocytes and macrophages cells could be increased with Vitamin D. You can easily get vitamin D in many foods like fatty fish, eggs, milk and cereal. Of course, the sun – the key source of vitamin D. 

One should take 5-10 minutes of exposure to sunlight at least 2-3 times in a week, in summers and a little more in winter.

Please note, anything in excess is dangerous. Here, in this case, more exposure to sunlight is harmful too. It can have opposite effects. As per EPA warning and WHO, excess sunlight could be harmful to the human body and immune system as ultraviolet radiation can damage cells that are responsible for improving the immune system. 

Deficiency Of Vitamin D

Less Consumption Of Fruits And Veggies

Fresh fruits and veggies are important for a sound mind and healthy body. But how? Well, there are many pros of it but here we will talk about the immunity system only. Fresh fruits, nuts and veggies could contain zinc, beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, E and many other nutrients. Also, plant-based foods are filled with fibre that lowers body fat and improves your immunity.

Over Consumption Of High-Fat Diet

High-fat foods such as fatty meat, poultry skin, soft cheese, butter, and cream are not only good for health. They can make you more prone to be obese and lessen your immunity to resist common flu, pneumonia and other infections.

If you like high-fat food, you can eat it in a balanced manner. To start with, once a week and then gradually make it once a month at least. You can include them as your cheat meals. Remember, overeating is not allowed.


We all know smacking is not good for health yet one of its harmful effects weakens the immunity system too due to the presence of nicotine. To strengthen the immunity system, it is essential to quit smoking. 

If you are too addicted to smoking, you must leave it gradually otherwise it may harm your body. Or else, try nicotine patches or pills by consulting a doctor.



Loneliness is indirectly weakening your immune system. The feeling of being alone increases anxiety that affects our minds. Social isolation could have psychological effects that reduce immunity, published in the article by MIT Medical.

Therefore, you must understand the need for socialising. Do not stop yourself from meeting people. If you do not like it much, do it for your better health and sound mind. 

Lack Of Exercise

Scientists have suggested that regular body exercise can help you recover from illness faster. With daily workout, your metabolism, as well as the immune system, enhances that helps your body to stay healthy and prevent diseases from coming to you. 

The blood circulation gets better with a regular workout that increases the germ-fighting efficiency of the body.

The Bottom Line

If you feel less healthy than before, and take more time to recover than usual, there could be a possibility that your immunity is reduced. You may be not getting enough sleep, having more high-diet foods, smoking too much or not going for regular exercise. If not, you should take care of your mental health as the feeling of being alone, stress, depression and anxiety can also affect your immune system. Pay attention to the things that kill your immune system and take prompt actions to strengthen it.