10 Easy Ways To Have A Sustainable Lifestyle

  • December 16, 2021
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With increased population, excessive demand for goods and services, and unawareness of the environmental impacts of these products. We have made Earth suffer a lot. Now it is our responsibility to stay on the planet responsibly. i.e. to have a sustainable lifestyle.

How To Adopt A Sustainable Living- Simple Tips

It is a myth that sustainable living is difficult to adopt and involves huge costs. Rather sustainable living will save you money. You can live sustainably by having some easy changes in your life that you may not even realise after a point of time. 

(1) Ask Yourself, Is It Worth Buying?

A lot of times we buy things we like at first look and then barely use them. All goods and services involve some environmental interventions, if you purchase anything that you may not use in the near future will be wasted, and the industries will have to do more production to meet the demands.

Ask Yourself, Is It Worth Buying

It is important to ask yourself a few questions before buying stuff. Is it worth buying this stuff? Do I have any alternatives available at home? How many times am I going to use it? These questions will not only help you to reduce the unnecessary consumption of goods but will also save your hard-earned cash. 

(2) Opt For Second-Hand Stuff

America is the largest exporter of second-hand clothing with over $379 billion of trade. The market in the U.S for second-hand exports is expected to grow triple times in the coming 10 Years. 

Gone are the days, when people used to think used goods or second-hand products will not match with their status symbol. Now second-hand goods and clothes are in trend too. People are now aware that using second-hand products may decrease the production of new ones, and the Earth will be less impacted.

There are multiple websites where you can easily find good quality, fine to use second-hand products. 

(3) Make Your Bottle Your Best-Friend

It is very convenient for us to buy a disposable bottle, consume it and throw it away. Have you ever thought about what impact it has on the environment? These bottles get landfilled and may get into oceans too where fishes or other water animals may consume it, and further we may consume it. Alternatively, you can buy a steel bottle that will stay with you all the time as a best-friend.

Make Your Bottle Your Best-Friend

This practice will harm the environment, water animals, and humans too. One disposable bottle can be such a big trouble for all of us. It is better to avoid buying it and switch to steel bottles.

(4) Shift To Natural Products

It is better to use products made from natural components than chemical-based products. Natural products will not harm the environment when decomposed. On the other hand, chemical products will only be landfilled and increase toxins.

You can also replace your cleaning materials with natural supplies such as lemon, vinegar, baking soda etc. Also, opt for natural fabrics such as Tencel, linen, or hemp rather than synthetic and polyester fabrics.

(5) Water Conservation Is The Least You Can Do For The Earth

It has been more than a decade since we are hearing ‘Save Water, Save Earth’. With some small changes, we can save tonnes of water and your money every day.

  • Close the water tap promptly when not in use
  • Use low-flow water-conserving toilets (it is estimated that you can save $110 PA on water bills with this kind of toilet)
  • Check for water leaks regularly
  • Repair water dripping, if any
  • Install flow restrictors for showerheads.
Water Conservation

These are the basic water conservation tips to use at home. Further, keep a check on your water consumption and see if you can reduce it to the minimum.

(6) It Takes A Second To Switch Off Unnecessary Lights

Electricity is made using non-renewable fossil fuels that release high amounts of CO2 into the air. Therefore, it is essential to lessen power usage while adopting sustainable living. Not only this, energy conservation will help you to save money as well by changing your habits a bit,

  • Switch off the lights and electrical gadgets when not in use
  • Do not overcharge electrical appliances
  • Look for eco-friendly alternatives 
  • Do not over-heat or air-condition your space, etc.

(7) Sustainable brands For Sustainable Living

As people are now understanding, why is sustainable living important? There are brands providing sustainable products such as clothes, sanitary ware, etc., to promote sustainable living. Here, you may find expensive products but shopping from these stores ensures good quality and long-lasting products that will not hamper the environment as well.

Sustainable brands

Moreover, when you are shopping for such products you are spreading the word about ‘Sustainable Shopping’.

(8) Take A Pledge To Reduce Wastage

Mostly we end up shopping for a lot of groceries that get wasted. It is better to make a list before going to the store and stick to the list only. Do not get fascinated with wow-looking products and their discounts until and unless you are sure they will not go in the bin.

(9) Travel Economically

27% of air pollution is caused by vehicles only. There are multiple benefits of choosing carpooling or public transport. Why travel alone when you can get a company in carpooling. Or else, you can spend time with yourself while travelling by public transport.

Travel Economically

(10) Re-Use The Used

Buying products that can be recycled is good, but recycling is an expensive and time-consuming option. Thus, it is better to re-use the products you buy until it is fully utilised to take complete advantage of them.

For example, disposable containers can be used for food storage in homes; jar bottles can be considered for home decor or planting indoor plants, etc.

Even the tiniest change can make a good impact on the environment. By performing these sustainable living practices, you will save both money and the Earth. Also, you will feel proud to have a lifestyle that helps the Earth to live more and healthier. 

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