Trend: More Men Now Investing in Cosmetic Procedures

  • March 9, 2018
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Most people are looking for ways to slow down time’s toll on their face and body. This is why, at a certain point in life, some may begin considering (and eventually employing) drastic changes.

Women have always been more conscientious about beauty and aging, which is why the vast selections of aging products in the market are formulated to target their specific anti-aging requirements. However, over the recent years, more and more men have begun taking their physical appearance more seriously as well.

They have become more open to new and elaborate aesthetic routines, which can include cosmetic procedures to look younger and better.


Studies reveal that while women’s motivation behind undergoing cosmetic procedures is either to boost their self-esteem or to please their partners, men’s, on the other hand, is the desire to remain relevant and competitive in their chosen profession.

For example, a male realtor may wish to start getting procedures done when he reaches his mid-thirties because he notes that his clients are getting younger. The growing number of millennials investing in real estate may want to work with experienced realtors, but not those who look old enough to be their parents.

Therefore, to stay competitive, the realtor may deem it necessary to banish the furrows in his brows and the crinkles around his eyes to achieve an overall younger look.

What Are the Common Cosmetic Procedures Men Choose to Undergo?

1. Botox

An injection of Botox in wrinkle-prone areas of the face is quite popular among men. Botox treatment is in-demand because it delivers instant gratification, and when done by the best professionals, the result looks natural.

2. Eyelid tucks

Droopy eyelids can give away one’s age; they also make the face look tired. It’s a quick procedure that most men find easy to work into their busy schedule. They can even go about their usual routine after the procedure is done, and just conceal the recovery process with a pair of sunglasses.

3. Liposuction

Men, particularly those in their 30s and 40s, want their clothes to fit them well. The problem here is that the moment they hit their 30s, their ability to produce enough testosterone slows down, making physique maintenance frustrating. Liposuction is an effective procedure that men can gravitate toward.

4. Kybella

This procedure gets rid of a double chin which alters facial symmetry and makes the face look older. With this procedure, men look much healthier and younger.

5. Hair restoration

Most guys are naturally self-conscious about their hair. It is the bodily feature that men are known to spend a significant amount of time and money on to achieve an improved appearance. Also, men would quite freely say that they think about their hair more than they care to admit, so when they start to see their hairline receding, most of them can’t help but to go on panic mode and look for solutions.

To restore the volume and health of their hair, men can look into everything from hair supplements like Rogaine and Biotin, to red light therapy, to more extensive hair transplant procedures.

Side Advantages to Getting Cosmetic Procedures

Indeed, there are numerous advantages to getting cosmetic procedures done to improve physical appearance. However, plastic surgeons point out that the increased knowledge and understanding of personal maintenance and improved lifestyle are still the best side advantages that men can expect.

The cost of cosmetic procedures is a constant reminder for most men to take good care of themselves. To ensure the long-term impact of the procedures, they are advised to commit to their health more, which can include giving up harmful vices like smoking and drinking.

Men must also heed the advice of their doctors to exercise more and rest better as these practices can enhance the positive results of the procedures.

If It Makes You Feel Good…

Despite the upward trend of men getting cosmetic surgery, many would still refrain from readily admitting that they want to have something done, or have had something done. Perhaps, over time, they will be more open to expressing their desire for this type of personal improvement.

The important takeaway here is that if there is something that you believe will have a positive impact on your life, or even just make you feel good about yourself, then nothing should stop you from getting it. And these cosmetic procedures are good examples to explore.