Treat Chapped Lips and Make Them Look Rosy

  • January 27, 2017
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Dry, sore and cracked lips? This is not a very attractive sight though it is extremely common. Weather upheavals, vitamin deficiencies, smoking, dehydration, excessive lip licking, and sun exposure leaves the lips sore, cracked, scaly and tender. Don’t think that chapped lips are “only a gift of the cold season”, they are certainly not! Lips may become sore because they are neglected and delicate, so why don’t you protect them?

Lip Balm:

Lips are exposed to different elements and lack sufficient oil glands to keep them lubricated. You need to pamper them and keep them safe from nature’s fury. Grab a lip balm or lip ointment right away to stop the lips from splitting. Slather it on frequently! You can put the lipstick on top of the sun protection balm.

Keep lips covered in harsh weather:

Cover your lips with a scarf when you go out into the chilly weather. They need protection the same way as your feet and hands.

Hydrate lips with water therapy:

Don’t forget to hydrate your lips from deep within. Sip water regularly and control the dehydration. Using a humidifier will make sure the lips stay moisturised at all times. Get over that habit of running the tongue over lips as this worsens the cracks and removes natural moisturization from skin.

Aloe vera:

You can relieve the pain of chapped lips by applying Aloe Vera gel on the lips every day. Slathering on petroleum jelly liberally on lips at night and several times during the day can also treat the torn and hurting lips. This seals the moisturiser deep within and keeps the lips supple and satiny.


Are you chewing that succulent cucumber? Make an extra effort and keep rubbing the cucumber slice on your chapped lips. When you finish wash the lips and see the silky smooth lips peep through.

Coconut oil:

If your lips are getting chapped and cracked because of dry and cold weather you can get relief if you lather on coconut oil on them. You can use this as an application three to four times a day. Castor oil or olive oil are also very good lip applications. A mixture of castor oil, lemon juice and glycerine can be applied on the lips. After you wash off this concoction, you can see the pink and soft lips creep out from deep within.

Milk Cream:

Take a milk utensil and use the milk cream to heal the cracked and chapped lips. Make this a part of your daily routine and watch that healthy smile with your gorgeous lips.

Sugar and honey:

Rather than spend money on lip chapsticks it’s better to adhere to some natural remedies like exfoliating with sugar and honey. The natural softness will return when the rough lip skin is removed and lips are moisturized with natural products. Honey and glycerine application has anti-bacterial properties and is an effective moisturiser for the lips.

Rose petals and milk:

Make a paste of rose petals and milk and apply on the lips to make them smooth and silky and give them a reddish tinge at the same time.