Top 10 Tips for Oral Hygiene & Healthy Teeth

Top 10 Tips for Oral Hygiene & Healthy Teeth

  • November 7, 2016
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Your pearly whites are a “once in a lifetime” deal, and if you take care of your teeth properly, they will last you a lifetime. It’s time to start taking care of them or else you are going to be putting your precious salary in the dentist’s basket. Dental procedures are extremely expensive and draining for the pocket, visit your dentist regularly to detect problems in the teeth. Till then read through these oral hygiene tips that can help you maintain healthy teeth:

1) Stained teeth:

Teeth can be stained because of intake of tea, red wine, coffee and soda. The best way to keep the teeth flushed clean is to drink loads of the natural mouthwash, called water.

2) Remove plague:

You can keep the oral cavity clean and hygienic by munching on crispy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, cucumbers and celery. During this eating process all those food particles and plague attached or stuck to the teeth, are removed. The gums and teeth stay healthy!

3) Neutralize acids:

The building acids in the mouth can be neutralized with some “cheese-hogging” after dinner.

4) Build up Saliva:

Do you love chewing gum? You can choose the sugar-free variety as this leads to excessive saliva production. The tooth enamel is strengthened with saliva and the plague, is also washed away. Saliva has minerals that bathe teeth and make them strong. Don’t forget to brush the teeth after consuming acidic products, you can wait for a few minutes before you reach for the toothbrush as the enamel wear out may take place.

5) Mouthwashes:

To make a superb whitening and anti-bacterial mouth rise mix a little hydrogen peroxide with normal water and swish it around your mouth without swallowing it. Watch the teeth shine!

6) Drink with a straw:

Ask for a straw so that your teeth don’t feel the impact of the drink taken in. The liquid will most probably slide past the teeth, straight into the throat. This will reduce the contact between the liquid and teeth dramatically.

7) Correct toothbrush:

The hard and harsh toothbrushes need to be changed right away. Use the soft toothbrush to brush teeth so that the enamel stays preserved.

8) Tongue cleaner:

The corrugated surface of the tongue contains loads of bacteria that can be removed only bytonguecleaning . The tongue cleaner helps keep the oral cavity clean and also reduces bad breath. The main reason for tooth decay or gum disease is not flossing and brushing the teeth regularly. Even rinsing the teeth makes the oral cavity stay clean and hygienic.

9) Extra starches and sugar are a “No-No”:

Carbohydrates, sugar and starches can feed the bacteria in the oral cavity and lead to tooth decay. You don’t have to keep eating sweet and chocolates even a packet of chips can lead to tooth decay because of breeding bacteria. Celery, carrots, fresh fruits and nuts all do not attack the teeth to cause decay. Just make sure you brush your teeth regularly and keep the floss at hand.

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