How to Take Care of Dry Skin This Winter

  • December 2, 2016
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Winter coldness is not happy news for our skin. The low humidity and chilly weather results in drying the skin, and stealing away the moisture from the glowing skin, with each passing second. When the harsh chilly “moisture-less” wind blows around you, the skin starts to crack up, and in worse cases gets dehydrated enough, to bleed. Before your skin loses its lustre totally, you need to start taking care of it, read on for more to save your skin from excessive redness, chapping, itching:

Important skin care tips in winter:

1) Lukewarm baths:

Don’t think that you can escape the weather trauma by staying indoors. The moisture from the skin is also lost because of the harsh cleansers we use on the skin, while taking the hot showers and relaxing hot baths. The skin ends up parched and dry after a long hot water dunk, so be a little careful with the moisturizer. Apply generously and keep the skin well hydrated with additional moisturising. Try to stick to lukewarm water instead of the steaming baths, so that you don’t end up stripping all those pampering skin oils from the skin

2) Correct moisturizing:

The skin needs extra moisturizing during winters but the most important is to moisturize correctly. Within three minutes of your bath start to apply moisture. The damp skin will immediately absorb the extra hydration and seal the moisturizer deep inside. Make sure your oil or moisturizer bottle is right next to your bath, you can’t afford to forget the routine.

3) Natural nourishing products:

Petroleum based moisturizers dry the skin from inside out in the long run, so it’s better to use natural products with nourishing values. Take oil-based products as this helps the skin keeps in the hydration. Try out products with natural ingredients like jojoba, lavender, and chamomile, as these act as a balm on agitated skin.

4) Covering skin and use of sunscreen:

You may hate to wear those cumbersome scarves and gloves but you need to realise that these offer protection from rain, cold winds and snow. Use the sunscreen for sure because the sunrays are harsh and brutal in the cold seasons.

5) Humidity:

A humidifier in the house is a very good idea as it maintains the ideal humidity levels in your home. The skin will not lose moisturizer unnecessary. You can also sip on a warm honey lemon glass of water to keep the skin moist from within. Foods that contain high moisture content need to be consumed such as apples, oranges, kiwis, cucumber, watermelon, carrots, tomatoes etc.

6) Night moisturizing and exfoliation:

Lather on layers of moisturiser on your feet and hands. A special focus needs to be given to the elbows, heels, ankles and knees as these areas remain extra dry. Wear gloves and socks after the application to seize the moisturise inside. Before this, exfoliate the skin, lips, elbows, knees, ankles etc nicely to remove the deposited dead skin cells. The fresh pink skin will shine through that needs to be pampered with layers of deep acting moisturizer.

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