How to find a good plastic surgeon?

  • September 2, 2016
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Need an appearance uplift? Remember the alterations you get done on your face are going to stay with you for years and years, so make the choice of the plastic surgeon with utmost care. You need a successful procedure that will infuse self-assurance and confidence in you. On the other hand a poor choice can mean loads of costs, wastage of time and plenty of heartache because of poor results. You don’t want this to happen, do you?

• You need to be very vigilant in your selection of a good plastic surgeon. Just start your queries from your neighbors or friends. The doctor’s experience, skill and qualifications are critical in helping you make a decision.

• Check out the plastic surgeon comparison checklist available on the internet and make your personal list of surgeons. All you have to do is have a two-minute conversation at the doctor’s office and confirm the reputation of the plastic surgeon. You will get a very clear picture once you study the details of the various plastic surgeons you have gathered. It’s an ordeal to visit each doctor separately and you may end up spending loads and loads of dollars in the exercise.

• Your doctor needs to have proper valid certification from the medical board of plastic surgery. Your general physician knows a lot about the doctors practicing in the area and can guide you properly. Take as many referrals as you can and then make a decision.

• You can search out a list of qualified and specialized plastic surgeons with the help of enlisted, Government sites that deal with the medical fraternity, and online listings of plastic surgeons.

• The medical licensing board can tell you about the complaints and law suits listed against a plastic surgeon. Malpractice judgments, accusations or disciplinary actions mean that the plastic surgeon’s work has been questionable in the past.

• Sometimes the plastic surgeon advice multiple procedures at the same time. Don’t get influenced by money motivators. You need to be careful about specialists who advise you to have more than one procedure right away, as they may be trying to make money out of the deal.

• Board certification can be checked out easily on official Government websites in their displayed list of practicing specialists. Law permits a doctor to perform surgical procedures but you need a trained and board certified professional to deal with this delicate surgical procedure. Choose a doctor who is updated with latest knowledge and who is regularly sitting for “update” plastic surgery examinations. There are plenty of self-appointed boards who advertise a list of practicing doctors. These doctors may not be following the strict training requirements laid down by the Government. Go for the Government listings online only!

• Try to zero in on a doctor who has hospital privileges in other hospitals as well. This means that his work is appreciated by others in the medical background.

• You are going to be interacting a lot with your doctor, so pick a doctor with whom you share a comfort level. You also need to check out the facility where the procedure will be performed. Accreditation matters here too!